Verona, WI Parade of Homes

This Verona Residence was part of the 2013 Parade of Homes. The homeowners wanted a big house so it would fit their needs until their children were grown and ready to move out of the house.
This Parade home was already sold so the magic was to bring the builder (who wanted to showcase the features that he thought were important) and the homeowner (who had other wants) together to successfully complete a home both parties were happy with.
Some of the challenges were to find the right furniture to fill the space, lighting that would light the space and still keep it cozy and inviting. To add to the fun one of the homeowners loved bright colors while the other one preferred brown and beige. As designers we often find that clients know more about what they don’t like than what they do like, so it was time for us to come up with colors that appealed to both. In the end the clients realized that a difference of opinion can be a good thing as it opens the doors to new possibilities.
Our solution was to find furniture and base colors that grounded and neutralized the colors on the walls. Then we added pops of color with accessories to pull everything together. We choose lighting and plumbing fixtures that added a touch of elegance and successfully finished a project that everybody was proud of.
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