Severn River Peninsula Home

Sited on a compact lot at the toe of a long peninsula on the Severn River near Annapolis, Maryland, this project is located in a community that was modeled after the summer camps found along the northern and eastern United States at the turn of the century. Originally a summer retreat, the community is composed primarily of cottage-like houses with an odd but compatible scattering of gambrel roofed houses and other structures which present a slightly bolder presence than the more common cottages. This house was designed in the same spirit of summer architecture as inspired by the work of William R. Emerson.

Strict architectural design requirements including control of sight lines by all neighboring property owners largely impacted the design. It was determined that the employment of a similar gambrel roof design at this prominent location would provide and effective device to visually lower, soften, and moderate the difficult massing problems of a full three-story house. A complex height, massing, and plan envelope was granted within which to arrange the client's spatial requirements. Light and views were of paramount importance and the plan was designed to segment and enhance what is essentially a single panoramic river view into multiple views unique to each space. Eccentricities of the allowed building envelope were exploited into many positive attributes of the house such as the 18-foot serpentine wall of bi-folding glass panels which allows the kitchen and breakfast room to be completely opened up.
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