Arlington Heights Gold Key Award Winning Custom Home

This is a 2635 Sq Ft Custom Home design for the client's specific needs, to build a home where they would be able to live the rest of their lives. Taking into consideration the life-cycle costs of the home and provisions for aging in the home, elements such as a radiant in floor heating system through out the house and a future elevator shaft were incorporated to allow the home to work most efficiently and concisely for the clients needs. Besides traditional craftsman detail in moldings, trim, and custom built-ins, authenticity of materials and solid construction contributes to the level of detail in the house was also crucial to remaining consistent to the client’s desires.

Design/Builder: Patrick A Finn, Ltd.
Architect: ALA Architects & Planners Inc
Interior Designer: Lauren Stewart (PAF, Ltd.)
Photographer: JoAnna Landers (PAF, Ltd.)
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