F1 suspension - Wireless LED Light Sculpture

As seen in Enlightenment Magazine, Archello Magazine & NHome Texas.

Late last year Lightlink was asked to be involved in the TEDxAustin conference
by designing lighting to inspire the conference attendees.

The F1 Suspension was inspired in its shape by the new CotA (Circuit of the Americas) Formula 1 track /TEDx conference in Austin for which it was designed. The theme was 'Fearless' this year, so we decided to think outside what we'd done before. We repurposed two (2) 12"x10' long pieces of 1/8" water-jet cut aircraft aluminum that had a long 'window' cut into it along its length between which was installed 2 layers of heavy dichroic film. Fine gauge braided, stainless steel cable was threaded through the assembly, pulled and locked into a 'wave' shape, which we felt emulated the profile of the first turn of the new F1 track as well as, yoga's Cobra pose.

Along the upper deck was placed a long strip of Osram wirelessly controlled, color changing LED strips, which interacted with the layers of dichroic film, allowing one color to drop through the window viewed from below and another to dynamically wash the ceiling. All this was left running on its own RGB programs during the event but its lighting schemes can be changed in any way, as desired.
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