EL Fluorescent Hot-wire Series

EL Fluorescent Hotwire Series Lighting
Fluorescent Electroluminescent (EL) Hot-wire Series - Low voltage glow wires embedded in resin and clear plexiglas neo-tube in various shapes - cylinder, block, extruded tubes - and colors - fluorescent lemon, lime, orange, indigo. Experimental series also incorporating dichroic film as a filter/mirror. Charles Schirmer LEED AP
“LYS” — Jenny Vandvik
Fluorescent Hot-wire Series
As seen in Enlightement Magazine (Oct 2013), an electroluminescent (EL) glow-wire based, vertical, plexi cylinder art lighting piece on cast aluminum base or installed as a wall sconce, or grouped as an atrium art installation. Photo : Charles Schirmer LEED AP
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