Art Glass Awning for Mid Century Modern Ranch House

This was a challenging photo assignment to capture the form and function of a clear + tinted tempered glass awning and screen door addition to an original Mid Century modern home in Boulder, Colorado. My client was talented young designer / architect, Jenda Michl of Vertu Studio, Los Angeles, Calif. To illustrate it's water diversion function required some creative water works including a couple hoses and a sprinkler on the roof...hence the blue sky and gushing water phenomena. This was a really fun project made possible by great collaboration with my very hands on client, Jenda Michl.

Design / Function Objective: To provide protection from rain and snow while simultaneously revealing the best view in the house.

SITE CONDITIONS: Existing wood awning blocked primary views of Boulder’s iconic mountains.

DESIGN SOLUTION: Water cascades down three sheets of 3/8” tempered glass as it is diverted off the porch to the garden. The glass is suspended using off-the-shelf hardware and high strength steel cables sheathed in rigid stainless tubes to prevent wind lift. Tinted glass in the new door harmonizes with the awning above while new numbers and lighting provide the finishing touches.
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