Beach Cottage Library

Our home is set up so that you walk directly into our living room from the front door…well, if you come through the front door, which no one ever does. It became one of those rooms that we rarely even walked through on the way to another part of the house. We got rid of the majority of our furniture when we moved here and it’s just not part of our beach lifestyle to have any kind of formal living room set up. Hmmmm….what the heck do I do with this lovely space which is full of gorgeous morning sunlight?

A beachy library!! Yes, I decided to make this unused space into a library. In addition to fiction and non-fiction I have a nice collection of gardening, home improvement, cookbooks and magazines which were piled here and there in every room of the house. There’s nothing like trying to find something when you want it and can’t remember where the heck it is.

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