No. 1186 Mule Chest

The chest is an ancient form: a simple box with a hinged top. Elaborate examples have been found in Egyptian tombs. These were small boxes that could easily be carried by one person. In China, large chests eight feet long, five feet high and three feet deep made of camphor wood stored furs, woolens, ad silks to protect them from vermin. They often had rollers so they could be pushed from a burning home by one or two very excited people.
With the sewing machine came many more (and smaller) articles of clothing. Drawers were added to the bottoms of chests. As larger clothing articles transferred to closets, more drawers were added. Hence, the chest of drawers.
This drop dead beautiful chest has six drawers, of which the three on the right lock. The left and center drawer fronts are a single drawer. The top lifts to reveal a shallow hiding place for linens or valuables. Yew with mahogany banding.
Please note: We no longer keep this piece in inventory, however it is available made to order.
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