Menlo Park Home

A home remodeled successively over a 15 year period by several owners in conjunction with the same architect. In expanding horizontally, rather than vertically, each remodeling helped created outdoor landscaped areas that enriched the overall feel of the home.
A Home of Cottages
What you see here - an extention to the bedroom on the left, an extension to the dining/living room on the right, and a wide raised wooden porch and trellis - was added onto the back of the original home in this, the first phase of our remodeling to this house.
“Menlo Park Home Glenn Robert Lym Architect” — lalaloohoo
A Home of Cottages
The house appears as a set of small cottages set between gardens - a guest studio to the right, the master bedroom cottage in the middle, and the older portion of the house beyond.
“Mom's area built facing west” — peggyburr
A Home of Cottages
The master bedroom cottage on the left connects via a glass passageway to older portions of the home. A deep, overhead trellis on the right helps shade the south facing windows and high clerestory windows of the dining-sitting area added to the original house.
“cottages linked by hallways” — lindamadrid
Master Bathroom
This large tub adjoins the master bedroom and overlooks the rear garden.
Hall between the Cottages
A glass passageway separates the original portion of this home from one of its added small cottage elements. Two separate terraces and gardens lie on either side of this passageway.
“Plants at end if hall?” — Alice Chadwick-Jones
Living Room
The owner carefully selected the river rocks for her fireplace. We were able to get a skylight in to give a wonderful day long glow to this otherwise, secluded part of the home.
“mantle” — chrisemmi
Dining Room
This dining room was once an open carport attached to the end of the smaller, original home.
“plate holder” — Cathy Lane
Kitchen Sitting Area
This open kitchen now the center of the home, was once the corner of the original house, removed in a remodeling to open it up to newly added rooms.
“Gable end windows and a sky light” — bengali8
Master Bedroom
The master bedroom and its sitting area and fireplace in their own detached cottage open to the rear garden through a pair of French Doors and overhead clerestory windows.
“excellent” — jmdonahe
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