1950's Rejuvenation

Rejuvenating the family bathroom on a limited footprint and budget was the goal of this young Ottawa family. Style and function were focal points for updating this 1950’s second floor bathroom. The existing arrangement in the bathroom further limited the functional space – a large mirror covered prime storage behind the vanity, as well as a medicine cabinet that was unfortunately placed on the wall beside the toilet, forcing a reach across the toilet for access. Needless to say, the hassle of constantly having to buy new toothbrushes after inadvertent falls was wearing on the owners!

This Carleton Kitchen & Bath project optimized space by incorporating recessed storage on the vanity wall. An insert shelf was added below to offset the lack of counter space. This was accomplished by careful planning of the plumbing behind the toilet to give maximum width to this glass and tile shelf, perfect for holding both decorative accessories and practical items in close proximity to the sink.

In order to open up the space visually, wall to wall mirror was used on the cabinetry and the wall above the vanity, a soft paint colour was chosen for the walls and pattern was avoided on the grey floor and white bath tiles. The look was kept deliberately simple, with added interest in the decorative accent tiles on the inset shelf and in a coordinating mosaic strip running around the bathtub. Large scale field tiles maximized the simplicity of the design while further highlighting the detail of the multi-coloured glass tile inserts.

Lighting improvements included a vapour light in the tub area, a potlight for general lighting and two vertical wall sconces mounted on mirror, reflecting light back into the room. Placed on dimmers, these sconces immediately change the atmosphere in the room and add to the quiet elegance of the space.
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