Designing AMAZING water features since 1996!

Lentzcaping, Inc. has been bringing the greater Delaware Valley amazing movement and sound since 1996. We were one of the first landscape designers nationwide, to get into pond design, bringing water gardening to a whole new level. Lentzcaping attended the first pond building seminars led by the countries premier water feature design company, Aquascape, Inc. from St. Charles, Ilinois. Training and learning from the best, Lentzcaping's AquaScapes of the Delaware Valley, our in-house pond supplier, now teaches area contractors the amazing water garden design and installation trade. We continue our pond building training and always are up on the latest cutting edge designs in the industry.
Border your home with a delightful stream
How could you improve upon an elegant home such as this? Add an amazing pondless waterfall. Who would know that this natural looking stream is man-made? The homeowners can enjoy the changing seasons and the stream provides a sanctuary for wildlife.
A man-made animal sanctuary in your own backyard
Do you enjoy wildlife, love bird watching or simply love good old mother nature at work? A pond is not just an addition to your garden, a pond is a lifestyle! Children and adults of all ages can experience so many thrills with a backyard pond. From the shimmering sparkle of glimmering fish to turtles and dragon flies, an array of birds and creatures will make your pond home!
Backyard oasis with pond and patio
Jennifer Rowse
“Natural water feature” — treebud
Pond lovers creativity shines with their own personal touches!
This homeowner added some unique stone sculptures to make his water garden his own!
Lentzcaping designed patio around round deck
The amazing deck could not stand alone. Lentzcaping designed an outdoor area to compliment the curves of the existing architecture. The custom cut patio goes right to the water's edge and the patio and pond are enhanced by sitting boulders so toes can be dipped right into the babbling water.
pondless waterfall with basalt columns and river rock stream
Have you thought about adding a water feature to your backyard but are unsure you want a pond, or have small children? A pondless waterfall could be just the right start! You have the sound of water, but these recirculating fountains require little maintenance. From a small waterfall to double waterfalls with different levels and winding streams: Pondless waterfalls can add...More
Bubbling urns are just one type of water feature Lentzcaping has designed
The simplest way to add sound and movement to your garden is a bubbling urn. Adding a fountain is a very economical way to include a great new element to your yard, deck, or patio. There are so many different varieties of fountains to choose, call a Lentzcaping expert today for a free consulation when you mention HOUZZ! 215-343-6041
Falls and stream are a stunning addition to a rural yard
The backdrop to this pondless waterfall is perfectly matched.
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