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When it comes to custom designed garage doors in Los Angeles, CA, Dynamic Garage Door is the number one choice for several reasons. That's because Dynamic Garage Doors are uniquely designed and custom-built with raw materials such as solid wood of different types including reclaimed and fine woods found throughout the world. Each layer of our custom garage doors are carefully crafted by hand for quality, longevity and timeless beauty. Our authentic swing-gate carriage house style garage doors look and feel so realistic that you'll feel compelled to swing them open....surprise, surprise they roll up automatically at the touch of a button on your garage door clicker! Why would you settle for the ordinary garage door options offered by dealers when you can have an extraordinary custom garage door designed, manufactured and installed by Dynamic Garage Door in the LA area! Show us your custom garage door design or select features from our extensive custom wood garage door collections.

We offer hand distressed wood antiquing, master staining and high grade painting to complement your home's architectural style and color scheme. Our hand-forged iron hardware add a finishing touch to our rustic or architectural historical custom garage doors from around the world's continents. Finer materials such as chrome, copper, glass and composite woods are the benchmark materials that make up our fine-lined Contemporary and Mid Century customized garage door styles. No matter what your taste is Dynamic Garage Door has a style to suit your architectural garage door needs. We specialize in harmonizing your home's charming architecture and giving a touch of authenticity to your custom garage door that will make your neighbors green with envy!

For a truly customized result consult with Dynamic Garage Door for a comprehensive design consultation, world-class manufacturing and skilled installation. Rest-assured that because you we are your manufacturer, designer and installer, the outcome of your garage door project will be astonishing!
Tuscan Style Custom Architectural Driveway Gate
Los Angeles, CA - Custom designed driveway gates are popular in Los Angeles, CA. Dynamic Garage Door custom designs, manufactures and installs custom driveway gates that are motorized and make driveway access conveniently easy. Designing the right gate style for your home starts with the basics and that is by using pre-existing features in already in your home's architectural s...More
“Everytn” — tolutoyin
Automatic Custom Architectural Wood Driveway Gate
Los Angeles, CA - These custom designed automatic driveway gates were equipped with electric motors that make opening these swing gates as easy as pushing a button on your handheld remote. The modest electric motorized arms by Liftmaster are durable and work well with home automation systems such as HomeLink commonly installed in newer car models at the factory. Our skills in g...More
“Home automation & entry gates” — juanmic
Custom Wood Shutters in a Tuscan Style Design
Los Angeles, CA - Exterior decorative window shutters come in a variety of architectural designs and styles; however, finding the right shutter style for your home can be a bit difficult. Dynamic Garage Door specializes in custom designing shutters that will complement your home's style! We can install shutters for decorative purposes alone, or we can build them so they close ...More
“vertical boards coordinate with front door.” — agbadley
Custom Designed Solid Teak Automatic Driveway Swing Gates
Los Angeles, CA - Teak is the wood of choice for exterior wooden elements, it makes a phenomenal building material for automatic driveway gates too! This customized automatic driveway gate was handcrafted in solid teak wood. The custom architectural design is simply gorgeous and will last beyond a lifetime because of the oily nature of solid teak wood. Dynamic Garage Door desig...More
“door gate” — idolina
Custom Handcrafted Architectural Shutters
Los Angeles, CA - These functional Window Shutters come in an architectural design typically found in Tuscany, they add charming beauty to exterior of this Tuscan villa while offering convenient privacy when needed. These custom shutters are not only functional but they add architectural style to this Tuscan Style home with its terra-cotta roof tile and veneer rock walls. This ...More
“Shutters” — Coleen Duffy
Real Carriage House Doors for Garages
In Los Angeles, CA carriage house style garage doors for today's living standards are available in a roll-up format. Although this style of garage door is historical it is still used as a gorgeous architectural element of the old world. The carriage house garage door style is typically used in newer architectural styles such as Coastal Cottages, Traditional Homes, Shaker Style ...More
“puerta” — lucitania
Traditional Custom-Made Wood Carriage House Style Garage Doors
Los Angeles, CA - Traditional Carriage House style garage doors are designed after traditional American architectural styles spanning from coast-to-coast. These are carriage house garage door styles that cover Cape Cod on the east coast and Newport Beach on the west coast, these custom garage door designs add stunning charm to craftsman style homes, beach cottages and even some...More
“beautiful” — rbutternubs
Custom Designed & Manufactured Carriage House Garage Doors
Los Angeles, CA - Dynamic Garage Door designs, manufactures and installs carriage house style garage doors for today's living standards. As timeless and gorgeous as elements of the old world are they are often times not the most functional elements we want to make part of our lives today. With years of experience in the garage door industry, Dynamic Garage Door has fused the be...More
“cool doors” — Colleen Muscatello
ECO-Friendly Carriage House Style Garage Doors
Los Angeles, CA - In an age when we've realized that saving the environment is not a necessity but a responsibility Dynamic Garage Door has developed a custom garage door product line that embraces and supports eco-friendliness in manufacturing carriage house style garage doors. Though we've pioneered the garage door design industry with world-class designs we are committed to ...More
“like the curved detail and the raised paneling” — daniel39
Custom Designed ECO-Friendly Composite Wood Garage Doors Made in Los Angeles, CA
ECO-Friendly garage doors have become the norm in many eco-friendly building projects today - particularly in Los Angeles, CA. Dynamic Garage Door has developed the skill and material knowledge bot not only build an eco-friendly garage door but a real carriage house style garage door design that serves justice to the Carriage House Style Architecture that has become an iconic g...More
“Trellis over garage door” — janapowell
Modern Courtyard Gates in Stainless Steel & Frosted Glass Panes
Los Angeles, CA - Dynamic Garage Door custom designs modern driveway gates using a multitude of commonly available materials such as stainless steel, glass, solid woods and composite materials. These custom designed modern gates were crafted out of slick stainless steel frames with frosted glass panes that are typically used in modern architecture today. Don't sacrifice the arc...More
“Gates Front” — amandakember47
Contemporary, Modern Style Garage Doors in Los Angeles, CA
Contemporary or modern garage doors can make or break the architectural style of a home. Often overlooked, garage doors are an easy way to add character to a modern style home. Dynamic Garage Door proudly designs contemporary garage doors that add architectural essence to the fine-lined styles found in contemporary homes today. Using woods of variant species, fine metals and ev...More
“simple garage door, horizontal wood contrasts nicely with board and batten” — wendystew
Modern Entry Gates in Solid Wood & Stainless Steel Side Lites
Los Angeles, CA - Pedestrian gates provide security, access control and why not? - Beauty! Dynamic Garage Door of California custom designs architectural pedestrian gates such as these contemporary entry gates with sidelights that enhance the architectural essence of this contemporary estate. The solid wood swing gates with their chrome handles soften the slick surface of the s...More
“gate doors” — ccartaya
Contemporary Garage Doors Crafted in Rustic, Reclaimed Wood Salvaged from a Barn
Los Angeles, CA - Contemporary architecture lends itself to create custom garage door designs that are interestingly unique. These reclaimed wood garage doors are not only eco-friendly but very appealing to the discerning eye. Re-purposing natural elements such as wood from an old barn can prove to be an outstanding design factor that makes a unique statement. These contemporar...More
“garage doors” — ngiannulli
Tuscan Style Wooden WIndow Shutters - Los Angeles, CA
Description: These functional Tuscan Style Window Shutters are charming beauty to exterior of this Tuscan home while offering convenient privacy when required. Not only are these shutters functional but they add style to this Tuscan Villa Style home with its terra-cotta roof tile and stone walls. This is an architectural element typical of the Tuscan Countryside Villas. We desi...More
“Style” — goober89
Custom Automatic Gates Suitable for Your Tuscan Style Home
Los Angeles, CA - Your Tuscan Villa's style should not lose it's architectural essence because you need to add a driveway gate. Dynamic Garage Door can custom-design and manufacture an architectural gate that will work with an automatic opening device while preserving the essential architectural features of your home. This Tuscan Driveway gate is automatically operated at the p...More
“Gates” — sjlemons
Tuscan Style Automatic Driveway Gates
Los Angeles, CA - It is a need have access control at your fingertips to your Tuscan Style Villa. It is the fortress that protects your family and assets but enclosing your estate should not hinder the architectural essence of your home nor intervene with your daily routine. You deserve better! Dynamic Garage Door understands your needs and that is why we manufacture automatic ...More
“Gate” — jp102609
Custom Crafted Architectural Decorative Window Shutters
Los Angeles, CA - Custom architectural shutters are highly acclaimed and called for in architectural plans and designer remodels for many reasons. These French style shutters are unique and add such a warm inviting flair to these French windows that the whole facade of this French Chateau wouldn't be the same without them. We design shutters so well it is hard to imagine some o...More
“Horizontal Wood Lats?” — gtpyle
Spanish Garage Doors - Custom Designed & Handcrafted Locally
Los Angeles, CA is home to some of the world's most architecturally extravagant homes. With Hollywood being the crib of the rich and famous so is the demand for fine architectural home elements such as the garage doors. Dynamic Garage Door designs architectural garage doors to complement any home style found throughout the region. These Spanish Style Garage Doors are gorgeously...More
“garage doors” — Mandy Peck
Architectural Shutters Crafted in Solid Teak
Los Angeles, CA - Shutters add warmth to the architecture of a home. These teak wood exterior window shutters with their tan/gold coloration make an outstanding statement on this home. The blue windows and earthy colors of the stone walls blend together making an architectural balance that is soothing, inviting and simply gorgeous. Our experienced craftsmen manufacture each shu...More
“louvers over panel” — ljsper
Handcrafted Architectural Window Shutters - Louver Design
Los Angeles, CA - Shutters add warmth to the architecture of a home. These teak wood exterior window shutters with their tan/gold coloration make an outstanding statement on this home. The blue windows and earthy colors of the stone walls blend together making an architectural balance that is soothing, inviting and simply gorgeous. Our experienced craftsmen manufacture each shu...More
“Shutters” — gwennief
ECO-Friendly Carriage House Garage Doors an ECO-Alternative
ECO-Friendly garage doors are custom designed by Dynamic Garage Door in eco-friendly composite materials that are fused together from recycled wood byproducts. These traditional carriage house garage doors were manufactured by Dynamic Garage Door with a rough textured recycled composite material that give it a rough sawn textured typical of barn wood. Carriage house garage door...More
“Dow Garage Door Idea (replace front door with similar look to compliment each other and add warm woo” — Home Retreat Staging & Redesign LLC
Rustic Garage Doors Crafted in ECO-Friendly Materials
In Los Angeles, CA, Dynamic Garage Door's signature wooden garage door collections offer the best selection of custom wooden garage doors available in the market today. Additionally, we custom build and design architectural garage doors out of eco-friendly materials that we faux stain or paint which give you the same quality, function and appearance you would expect from real w...More
“These are simple, but nice...” — tjpirro
French Country Style Garage Doors - Architectural Designs
As a premier designer and manufacturer of high end wooden garage doors serving the Los Angeles area, Dynamic Garage Door has a plethora of custom designs ready to fill in the blanks of your custom home. For instance this French style villa was missing a truly architectural French style garage door. Replacing the existing steel pan garage door was like reinventing the Mona Lisa!...More
“So cool!” — Alexander Sijssens
Mediterranean Style Garage Doors | Custom Designed & Manufactured in California
Custom garage door design for Los Angeles' diverse architectural variety is our forté and these stunning Mediterranean style garage doors with their decorative iron scroll inserts serve the elegant and sophisticated Mediterranean style all the justice it deserves. When we design a custom wood garage door we use our knowledge of architectural styles to put together a master piec...More
“Garage doors.” — dougblinn
Mediterranean Garage Doors - Custom Architectural Designs
Mediterranean Architectural Influence are designs from Tuscany, Italy & Normandy, France. Elegant yet balanced by the charming landscapes of a world apart. Delicately sculpted incorporating the creativity of man and the natural elements. Dynamic Garage Door manufactures some of the most stunning garage door designs that are sophisticated and enchanting to the senses. Your Medit...More
“porton” — lucitania
Uniquely Designed & Handcrafted Modern Garage Doors
Los Angeles, CA - Custom designed modern garage doors are our expertise, We carefully design every modern garage door to include existing architectural features of the home we're designing the garage door for. We use some of the same materials found throughout the home's architecture such as glass, composite woods, fine metals and similar design setups to make each of our garag...More
“looks like front door” — chosea
Custom Contemporary/Modern Gates in Los Angeles, CA
Contemporary or Modern architecture is fine-lined and designed for architectural beauty. Our custom designed Modern garden and pedestrian gates are specifically designed to incorporate the contemporary character of each custom home. Dynamic Garage Door is a modern gate designer, manufacturer and installer firm serving the LA region. Our designers can design or replicate any mod...More
“Simple” — cacletsgo1
Rustic Gates Designed & Crafted After Tuscany Countryside Villas
This custom reclaimed wood garden gate is an architectural asset that enhances the Tuscan style of this home near Los Angeles, CA. The reclaimed wood used in this Tuscan gate was hand-picked to enhance the architectural design we had in mind. Once selected, Dynamic Garage Door craftsmen skillfully crafted this Tuscan garden gate per our designer's CAD drawings. It is a pleasure...More
“apperance” — jonatrice
Handcrafted Wooden Architectural Pedestrain Gates
Garden gates add a lot of value and curb appeal to upscale homes in Los Angeles. Dynamic Garage Door manufactures garden gates that are specifically designed for the existing architecture of the diverse styles found throughout Los Angeles, CA. This wooden garden gate was beautifully designed with a subtle arch and decorative iron insert which gives this architectural gate an ai...More
“Patio porte” — francinefrancine
Reclaimed Wood Contemporary Garage Door Design
Contemporary garage doors have established the style norm for numerous architects and home builders in the Los Angeles, CA region. Fine lines and the re-purposing reclaimed lumber species are the latest ways to build outstanding architectural garage doors. Modern styles and innovative architectural designs; our contemporary garage door collection consists of custom wood garage ...More
“Garage 14” — smokeyswee
Tuscan Garage Door Designs in Reclaimed Barn Wood | ECO-Friendly European Style
Reclaimed wood garage doors are taking on great popularity in Tuscan, Spanish, Mediterranean and even Modern garage door crafting. The reason for this rise in popularity is evidently because of the unique character that reclaimed wood has gained over the years of exposure to the elements, daily use and historical value. Additionally, reclaimed wood garage doors are ECO-Friendly...More
“Best garage door” — scotgring
Tuscany Style Automatic Driveway Gates
Los Angeles, CA - Custom automatic driveway gates come in man architectural styles, sizes and operating mechanisms. Dynamic Garage Door manufactures architectural driveway gates that not only enhance the architectural beauty of your home such as this Tuscan style estate but incorporates automation to make operating our architectural gates a pleasure. This Tuscan Villa style dri...More
“Gate” — abodenheimer88
Rustic French Style Garage Doors | French Country Villa Design
As the Mecca for architectural style and cultural diversity, Los Angeles has a wealth of architecture including French Country style homes. These customized French style garage doors are fascinating and their rustic French architectural design make them an outstanding feature of this french style home's architecture. To design and manufacture unique garage doors like these, Dyn...More
“garage doors” — ngiannulli
Spanish Style Garage Doors | Custom Designed & Manufactured to Perfection!
Dynamic Garage Door designs custom garage doors to suit your existing home's architectural essence. The owner of this estate was looking for "new" custom garage doors but found no garage door company that would custom manufacture a rustic style garage door. As last resort, the owner was pleasantly surprised to have come across our detailed garage door work in the area and conta...More
“boughanvillea over garage” — clemwong
Tuscan Decorative Shutters - Handcrafted in the Traditional Way
Tuscany has shown the world how rustic architecture can be warmly appealing. This rustic Tuscan style window shutter was hand distressed and given a washed red paint finish that give it the timeless appearance of authentic shutters found in the Tuscan villas of Italy. Dynamic Garage Door carefully designs shutter styles that are highly acclaimed for their architectural correctn...More
“Love love love the authentic shutters and recessed window.” — dragonflyfaeryy
Custom Manufactured Spanish Style Garage Doors
Spanish Style Garage Doors custom designed and manufactured by Dynamic Garage Door. This alder wood garage door has been hand distressed and adorned with rustic iron hardware to give it a flair of the Spanish Colonial Architecture typically found in Santa Barbara, CA. A subtle honey wood stain was used to accentuate the knotty wood's character. This custom architectural garage ...More
“Garage door” — merci2
Tuscan Garage Doors | Tuscany, Italy Garage Door Designs
Tuscan architecture has been greatly embraced in the Los Angeles area. Dynamic Garage Door has had the pleasure of custom designing, handcrafting and installing custom garage doors designed after authentic Italian Tuscan homes in the LA region. Pictured here are knotty alder wood garage doors specifically designed to suit this home's Tuscan Architecture with its arched garage ...More
“man cave doors and rock surround” — scottborgmeier
Decorative Rustic Shutters in a Tuscan Style Design
Rustic Tuscan style window shutters add architectural character to window openings on stone walls. Dynamic Garage Door manufactures some of the most gorgeous decorative and functional window shutters found in Tuscan style homes in the LA are. Shutters can be handcrafted out of any wood species and the iron elements that make up the overall design are vast. Let Dynamic Garage Do...More
“Rustic shutters - brick” — ycart1995
Decorative Designer Exterior Shutters : Architectual Shutt
Depending on the style of your home, shutters can really bring in some charm and character. If you are looking for something stylish that will block out the summer heat and the cold winter, these would really be a great choice.
“Bedroom balcony” — awaichi
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