Penthouse, Soho, New York

For this client, a London native, the goal was to integrate a favorite color, cobalt blue, as much as possible into the design. The challenge when given this mandate was to develop a design that used this color in grand, meaningful gestures without sacrificing a warm, comfortable feel. To maintain a balance, fresh and warm tones of creams and lighter shades of blue, were brought into each of the main living spaces to play off of the cobalt. The Master Bedroom, in contrast to the nearby Media/Guest Bedroom, which was swathed in electric blue, is the only room exempted from this signature color. In this room, opalescent creams dominate, punctuated sparingly with a frothy, pale green reserved for the ceiling and decorative pillows. This cobalt color theme was brought in again on the private rooftop penthouse, both in a kitchenette directly off the elevator landing as well as in the terrace walls surrounding the open-air space. This is a home for daily comfort as well as large, exciting gatherings.
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