Baudek Kitchen Project

The goal of the project was to obtain better Kitchen functionality while maintaining the cottage–like feel of the home. The request from the homeowner was to work solutions within existing footprint, yet bring better functionality of the Kitchen.

Our Solutions include improvements to overall layout as well as design details that create vignettes within the kitchen that continue to flow with the rest of the home. New Crown moldings added to this flow, and replicated the original 40’s style in the Home.

The furniture style turned legs at Island refined the period look and completed the picture. The continuity of comfortable feel and classic nature of the existing home was also complemented with bright contrasts of colors.

The real challenge was making the new work feel like it is a natural part of a classic, colorful cottage-like experience. Solutions included incorporation of existing details with the customization of new elements.

The goal was for the Kitchen to feel as open as possible while maintaining the absolute comfort the feel of the home has. Modern Kitchen layout and functionality was also introduced.
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