Hushamok Dream Stand
Hushamok Organic Dream Stand The Hushamok Dream is designed to provide you and your baby the most peaceful sleep. The modern, lightweight design of the aluminum stand (paired with soft 100% organic cotton of the hammock) will provide your baby a restful “Hushamok” sleep, while giving you peace of mind. Before a baby is born, they are held very tightly in the womb and experie...More
Hushamok Okoa Stand
Hushamok Okoa Stand Whether you’re a minimalist, modernist, or traditionalist the Okoa takes the beauty of Hushamok to a whole new level. This stunning solid wood stand is constructed with sustainable European beech wood and detailed with aluminum castings. The Okoa can be used with both the Hushamok baby hammock and MySeat. Made with modern and eco-friendly materials this b...More
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Hushamok Organic Hammock
Hushamok Organic Hammock The Hushamok organic Hammock gives your baby a womb-like experience. Before a baby is born, they are held very tightly in the womb and experience a lot of movement. Once they are born, flat and static surfaces such as cribs are foreign to babies – they are accustomed to a warm womb environment. The Hushamok Baby Hammock has been designed to mimic womb ...More
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Hushamok Myseat
Hushamok Myseat The Hushamok MySeat is perfect for infant “awake” time creating a soothing, rocking motion to comfort infants and small children. The MySeat embraces Hushamok’s modern eco-design with all the safety features of Hushamok products. The Hushamok MySeat can be used with a Hushamok Stand, sold separately. Please note that the MySeat must be used with a Hushamok sta...More
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