Glass Mosaic Tile -- Borders

Our glass mosaic tile allows for some of the most incredible borders to go along with your divine glass mosaic creations.

Crafted by individuals of every culture and tradition throughout history, mosaics have been created using the most decorative and colorful materials. Glass has been a mainstay in creating the perfect environment.

Capable of rendering a wide range of patterns even in the smallest areas – from simple borders to the most complex of designs – glass mosaics are as relevant, if not more relevant, to our age as it was centuries ago.

Today, thanks to the refinements in the production process and to extensive dedicated research and development, glass mosaics have become a very flexible tool for architects and designers, capable of satisfying both technical and decorative purposes.

DM Decos line of glass mosaic tile utilizes an extensive amount of experience and knowledge in glass mosaic manufacturing to your benefit. We offer a wide range of colors and sizes, combined with excellent and attentive customer support. We welcome any custom-made design request which we process using our state-of-the-art software.

DM Decos can blend any colors you want in the percentages of color that you want, create gradations of color, design borders, create “glass mosaic wallpaper,” create drapes, or innovate masterful glass mosaic murals for the shower, pool, backsplash, wall, ceiling, or just about anywhere you can imagine. Our 3/8” x 3/8” is among the smallest glass mosaic tiles on the market and allows us to transform your walls into masterpieces.

From a diagram or digital image, we can take any environment you have and customize it with a glass mosaic mural designed just for you.
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