Vincent van Gogh Collection

A giclée canvas print is stretched and stapled exactly like an oil painting. Unlike paper prints, this canvas is framed without glass or matting so has the look of an original painting. Giclée inks are brilliant and appear heavier, more like oils. Our giclée canvas prints are copies of the original artwork and are considered museum fine art quality.

Vincent van Gogh (Dutch) 1853-1890
There appear to be many inconsistencies and mysteries in the story of Vincent van Gogh. Even now there is a new theory that his fatal gunshot wound may not have been self-inflicted and his mental problems were due to epilepsy. Like many artists, Van Gogh suffered, but unlike other artists, we have great insight into his life and emotional turmoil from his letters to his beloved brother Theo. Van Gogh also harbored great admiration for other artists such as Jean-Francois Millet, Jules Breton and formed friendships with many others later in life. During his lifetime he completed approximately in 800 paintings over a ten year period. Approximately 150 of these were finished during his voluntary commitment in the St. Paul de Mausole Asylum in Saint-Remy. It is said that only one of his paintings sold during his lifetime only months before his death at age 37.

We hope to greatly expand this collection as the color intensity is so remarkable and there are so many more Van Gogh's we simply must have!
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