Biedermeier Styled Tustin Remodel Kitchen and Fireplace Remodel

This was a complete kitchen remodel in Tustin CA by The Kitchen Lady. The Biedermeier style is a more simple approach and will have clean lines, geometric forms and classical motifs. More emphasis in on function and comfort than on flamboyance. The door style will have sharp clean lines and be in a clear wood or as they say "Clair Bois" much like the kitchen shown here. The woods will be pale tones of maple, beech or ash with a recessed panel.
The Biedermeier Kitchen style is simplified yet is also still sophisticated.

Space planning and construction highlights:
The dining room was incorporated into the total kitchen space. The family room became the dining room. The ceiling in the old kitchen had to be raised in order to match the dining room ceiling.
The windows were redesigned. The dual sided fireplaces were also totally reframed and wrapped in limestone.
I was referred to do this project by a salesperson from Renwes Sales.
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