Pemberton residence

This project is a new residence for a family of four plus a self-contained secondary dwelling for the mother of one partner.

The house is situated on a 2.5 acre rural lot just outside of Pemberton. The most prominent feature of the property is the stunning view of Mt. Currie directly to the south, while there are other beautiful view corridors to the east and west.

To accommodate the programme requirements, the design splits the building into two separate units, connected by a shared breezeway. This space acts as the formal entry to both units, shared laundry, and central mechanical room, while providing separation and privacy.

Passive heating and cooling is a key feature of the design. Concrete floors with radiant heating provide thermal mass while the open plan allows for cross ventilation and deep overhangs provide shading in the summer months. The double height space over the stairs will exhaust warm air through stack effect.

Size and placement of windows was an important consideration. The dining room has a 180 degree view from east to west, while the 10' ceiling in the living room provides a view of the sky above Mt. Currie even from deep in the space. The stairs present a 17' high view to the mountains. The bedrooms all contain large windows that take advantage of their unique location in the plan. A minimal amount of glazed area on the north wall helps to prevent heat loss in the winter.

The images for this project are a documentation of the design development currently in progress. Construction start is scheduled for summer 2013.

Total square footage: 3200
No. of bedrooms: 6
No. of bathrooms: 4
Status: design development
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