ProLine Drains in the Bathroom

There are many distinct features that ProLine Drains provide with every system. This makes them a versatile, aesthetically-pleasing choice for designers, homeowners and architects looking for innovative soluions to bathroom design.

1. Most important special feature is the internally sloped trough. This feature is a key to no stagnant water sitting in the trough any time!
2. Integral waterproofing done in controlled conditions in the factory and warranted by the manufacturer.
3. Height adjustability of the drain strainer for different thicknesses of finish materials from 3/16" to 2 ½".
4. Drain body material is 18 Gauge 316L Stainless Steel.
5. No additional build up on top of membrane for easy wheelchair accessible showers.
6. Huge labor savings due to part assembly on one-way slope.
7. Time of installation cut down to under 2 hours. Much faster even than premade shower pans!
8. Possibility of multiple waste outlets on the same drain body for more water flow.
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