Metal Shingle/Shake/Tile

Metal Shingle, Shake and Tile are great ways to get all the benefits of a metal roof with a more traditional look! In addition to a 50 year non-prorated warranty all of the roofs have something else in common, they all look amazing!
Stone Coated Metal Shingle Close-up
This stone coated metal roof shows you a close up of the design details. Our metal shingles feature metal valleys as well as metal ridge vents and a metal drip edge that adds a crisp line to the fascia.
“metal roof” — 35goatfarmerjunkie
Stone Coated Metal Tile Roof
This metal tile roof is absolutely amazing with a dramatic barrel roll ridge vent and matchng metal tile over the bay windows and front entry way, this hip roof home is stunning. What's even more impressive it that metal tile roofs way about 1/10 as much as concrete tile!!
“Metal tile roof” — bubuevans
Metal Shingle Roof on Country Home
This converted stable house features a painted metal shingle and custom chimney flashing that gives this home a one-of-a-kind look and a warm country feel.
“metal shingle roof” — idhomegirl
Metal Shake Roof on Large Cottage
This north jersey residence replaces old cedar shakes with modern metal roofing made to look like real wood shake! We were even able to follow the curved roof line along the ridge on this old cottage style home.
“Metal shake roof” — sparky999
Contemporary Metal Slate Roof
This metal slate home is absolutely stunning. While everyone in the development has traditional shingles, this dramatic roof makes this home out shine all the rest! In addition, kynar coated metal slate reflects heat and radiation reducing energy consumption and cooling load by close to 30%!
“Metal shingles” — thebates2007
Pre-Patina Custom Copper Shingle
This 100 year old home has an original patina copper shingle roof and when damaged in a storm they called Global. We were able to buy pre-patina'd copper (aged with acid) and recreate these custom copper shingles! Compare them to the old roof above, this custom job turned out beautifully.
“Global pre-patina'd copper (aged with acid) and recreate these custom copper shingles!” — oaks4410
Metal Shake Roof in Timber Bark
This metal shake roof features a timber brown kynar coated roof. The homeowner was very concerned with longevity and didnt want to replace the roof again in 20 years, so went with this lifetime metal roof!
“Metal Shake Roof” — hdr4350
Metal Shingle - No Staining
This simple yet classic home features a lot of roof space and the homeowner wanted a product that wasnt going to stain like asphalt shingles. They went with a non-porous stone coated shingle and are absolutely thrilled.
“metal roof” — bungalowbliss1
Metal Shingle/Shake/Tile
Check out this black metal shingle installed by Global Home Improvement
“roof” — louloulinds
Metal Shingle/Shake/Tile
Check out this amazing DECRA Metal Tile Roof! The metal terra cotta tile look is perfect for homes with stucco exterior.
“metal roof that looks like tile” — awillsdvm
Metal Shingle/Shake/Tile
This Villa Tile Roof features DECRA Stone-coated Metal Tiles that come with a 50 year warranty and weigh up to 1/7 as light as real clay tile roofing.
“Arch ways and wood garage doors” — kristie27
Metal Shingle/Shake/Tile
This Metal Slate Roof replicates the cost of real slate roofing at 1/3 the cost and last just as long! Metal Slate Roofing is the latest trend in stylish yet environmentally friendly roofing.
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