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Raised Bed Vegetable GardenCasa Smith Designs, LLC
This veggie bed is accessible from every angle and easy on the back - everything grows right in front of you...no bending over required. Photo Credit: Mark Pinkerton
What are the height of the raise beds?
Are the raised beds completely filled with soil?
Are the beds lined with anything?
Neat idea for raised bed planting
Raised garden beds in one area of yard with pathways
Keep dog out of veggie garden!
Another pic of this great garden
Vegetable GardensDear Garden Associates, Inc.
The perimeter trees are Fuji Apples. The beds are 10'x 4' and 20" tall using Cypress.
Ask Randy to build a garden box
lights atop raised veggie beds
wooden raised planters
Raised beds for veggies
raised garden beds for vegetables
vegetable raised beds
Raised bed garden, natural
Raised beds done right
Raised beds are awesome!
Like these raised beds
great raised veggie garden beds!
grape vines near beds
Raised veggie garden
Dear Garden Associates
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Aloe Test GardenAloe Designs
Custom multi-level cedar raised vegetable beds.
Fabulous use of space! What are the raised bed dimensions?
This raised bed is beautiful. How did you line the inside before you put the mulch in?
Great raised beds. What fasteners were used, are the squares 4/4 or?
Nice little garden to enjoy with Angelica!
approx size of garden area needed
Raised beds. Look clean and easily separate plants
Nice way to create a small garden
Great way to have a garden with limited space
given up in favor of raised vegetable beds. A family of four doesn't need a huge garden to provide fresh, local food to supplement regular market trips, so why not give it a try?Tour this efficient backyard edible garden in Vancouver
Keep it in bounds. If you’re a beginning gardener, start small with
Sunny GardenBerger Partnership
connection between the greenhouse and the rest of the garden.
Raised veggie garden beds off the back of the greenhouse
from this locale - concrete raised beds instead of wood keep the earth warmer.
I like the raised garden beds, and creating a building space for tools and a rooftop garden on top?
This is a greenhouse with outside raised beds lined in concrete to act as a heat sink. It's in Seattle so weather wise should work.
Continuous bluestone flagstone paving and beautiful custom glass doors create a seamless connection between the greenhouse and the rest of the garden. "There was a lot of cut bluestone used for the paving around the home, so we wanted to tie into that, but did not want replicate it," Henry explains.
like 2x8 boards for a 16" height, correct? 4x4 support on the outside with a 1x6 around the top, correct? Do you put the gravel under the planter bed for drainage or under the boards to keep the wood off the ground? Do you line the inside with a landscape fabric?
dust between the raised beds. It compacts into a hard surface, more difficult for weeds to penetrate. It has worked well so far and looks very nice.
Rob: Outstanding job with this project. I'm curious, what type of stain or oil did you use? This is by far our favorite raised bed example. We're
Assuming that's a bush squash and 2x12s for the raised beds, looks like about 3 feet. Like Rob said, make the paths big enough for your equipment, whatever that is.
Raised Bed Vegetable GardenCasa Smith Designs, LLC
The star at the center of this veggie garden is the perfect place for the dwarf lemon tree. The six pointed star (just like the Great Seal of the United States) is ideal for the strawberries to cascade over the edges. The star is 6' with 3' clearance around the star so the space is wide enough to
comfortably access the veggie beds from all sides. Photo Credit: Mark Pinkerton
Approximately sq. ft. for this garden. Handsome! Thanks.
The area is 19' square feet. The beds are made of redwood, very rot and insect resistant and they're lined with house wrap.
Love the raised beds and star shape bed
Raised garden beds - colour of the wood is nice
The configuration and simplicity of this garden-
this is a great handicap garden idea!
Raised Stone Garden BedsShepherd Stoneworks
field, so limited space for veg garden. If I make these elegant raised beds I'd still need to line them with something so the roots of veggies don't reach down into leaching field. We're in greater Boston area. Any suggestions gratefully accepted. Also would 4 of these beds, tho' smaller, work for 4 corners
What are the dimensions for these beds, length ,depth and width?
How are you irrigating these beds? How is the water supply hidden?
The owners are lucky then because apparently their deer are not related to the Bambi Gang of marauders around my garden. Beautifully
Great idea for the slope in the garden
Raised veggie garden made of stone
Makes vegetable garden an attractive addition rather than something just utilitarian.
Bradstone Madoc Wall Used As A Raised GardenNicolock Paving Stones and Retaining Walls
Bradstone Madoc Wall Used As A Raised Garden
of a number of stones in a single, easy to handle, "Z" shaped Madoc block. Madoc can be used for garden walls, piers, steps, outdoor kitchens, firepits, seat walls, waterfalls, planters, and raised gardens. FREE CATALOG: http://nicolock.com/homeowner-tools/catalog/catalog-request More Product Information:
Great idea for a raised garden
Good garden beds - like the stone
I like the brick on the out side of the garden beds
I like the idea of a garden or a couple gardens
raised beds for veg. and berry growing.
Love raised veggie and herb garden
Stake and train: July brings fast growth in the veggie garden. Stake plants regularly to optimize the plant’s exposure to sunlight, enhance air circulation, keep fruits and vegetables out of the soil (where
I am concerned that toxic materials will come in contact with the veggies and soil--like glues or other materials in the stucco.
What are the plants/veggies in the main planter? I can tell most of them but want to be sure.
The stone garden planters that blend in with the rest of the landscape
another view of your cement planter with veggies
raised beds made of cinder block, painted, just stone on top
CinderblockRaised beds made from cinderblock can be constructed in a number of different ways. Cinderblocks can simply be stacked to the desired height of the bed, or they can be mortared in place and then given a more elegant finish with a surface treatment and capped tops, as shown here. The former
Vegetable GardenConte & Conte, LLC
Rowayton, Manhattan, Larchmont, Bedford Hills, Armonk, Massachusetts) House designed by James Schettino Architects; Boxed Vegetable Gardens, thanks to Fairfield House & Garden Co. for building these!
trying to replicate these exact beds, I have my wood cut to length and finished. Do you know what color stain was used, I really like the color and would like to get the same color if possible. Also, how are the rails fastened to the bed? Thanks!
Need help with raised planter boxes.
I'd like to have a vegetable garden using planters like these. How shall I plan for water drainage? It's also a great spot because (I think) I can keep the deer and rabbits out by having a gate at the top of the stairs that lead to it.
Rear PlantersRick O'Donnell Architect
What type of rock is being used on these raised beds?
Great way to put the veggie garden in the landscaping.
I like the masonry raised beds.
great beds- love the gravel between
stone and cement garden and flower beds
MasonryMasonry raised beds are the chameleons of the garden world. They can easily fit into nearly any style of garden, depending upon the type of rock you use. If you are a handy DIYer, you may be able to complete a project like this on your own, but most homeowners will want to hire a masonry crew
crew to install the beds properly. Pros: Masonry can be a permanent addition, and the supplies are available almost everywhere. Masonry raised beds are very attractive and can be built to blend in with or even match your home's exterior.Cons: Masonry can be fairly costly, depending on the type of rock. Cost:
Napa Valley, CaBack Bay Stone Supply
Client wanted easy access when picking vegetables and herbs without bending over (back pain). Solution? Higher raised bed boxes. Jeanne Pendleton (Color, Form & Space) Larkspur, Ca.
garden box? Is it DIY or can I purchase it somewhere
raised beds-higher better for your back
raised garden -- cute and maybe safe from
The design of the raised garden beds.
Nice Idea for veggie and herb garden space.
4. Plant in raised bedsThe cooler the soil, the slower the growth rate of most vegetables. Soil stays warmer in raised beds therefore increasing the range of vegetables you can grow, including some that are less tolerant of the cold.
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