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Mill Valley Cabins
Feldman Architecture, Inc.
see on the lower roof section? I'm assuming that that doesn't compromise the stability of the roof at all. I usually see green roofs with whole mats on
cut down energy costs, and they can reduce runoff pollution. Oh, and of course, they look amazing.
Always curious about a green roof. It does add
10. Install a green roof. Green roofs add insulation to a home, which can help cut down energy costs, and they can reduce runoff pollution
your roof is ready to be planted. There are two ways to do this: Use a modular system of planted living roof trays.Add soil and plant your roof as though
the roof of the lower cabin (the yoga studio), is the initial site experience. The green roof is really the curb appeal of the property — the first facade
Mill Valley Cabins
Feldman Architecture, Inc.
I love the idea of growing plants, vegetation on the roof. are there big chances to have leaks into
I live in Canada and we have to be concerned anout the weight of the snow on our roofs. Many people shovel their roofs. This garden
garden is an awesome idea but how can roofs cope with the weight?
I agree! Just curious if these roofs could handle northern country winters Any suggestions?
Green roof - Cost range: Varies widely depending
benefits. It also protects your roof, extending its life expectancy. Plus, it's much better to look at than asphalt!
allows for access to the roofs. Sedum roofs don't need gardening help like this, but it's important to consider that green roofs slow rainwater runoff while
Is ths garden on the roof?
Shavano Park House
McKinney York Architects
any issues with roof leakage where those to eaves meet in that valley? Or are they not connected?
Whose roofing material is on the house? Do you know if it was Englert?
standing seam roof on a contemporary home in Kansas City, and it was ridiculously expensive. Waiting on a 2nd bid, but wondered if it the cost was in range
the roof is beautiful!! what is the material used for roofing?
there are actually no valleys on this roof. The metal looks beautiful, and I would love to get my home re-roofed to look like this. It really helps to
The metal roofing material is a double-lock standing seam roof - the generic type is steel w/ a galvalume base coating
What was the cost/square foot of roof?...How long did this project cost?...color name of this Kynar roof please?
Mountain Residences
Dungan Nequette Architects
Also what were some challenges when building this home with this type of roof?
shingles before. My wife and I decided that we will be completely redoing the roof on our house this summer. I love the color of the shingles in this picture
Small shed roof addition...idea for stairway
the time a project will take to complete, so you may want to double your estimate.
Recycled-Content Shingle RoofPros: A growing number of shingles on the market today have recycled content, from those that mimic the look of cedar shakes
3. Roofing. Here's a good example of a project where even if you feel you have the
to avoid exposing your home to damage from rain. If you can't get your roofing project done in a couple days, don't start it. Even professionals can u
hip roof cottage by Dungan Nequette...I like the pyramid top of the roof
Main House
Bosworth Hoedemaker
the land. Set back from and protected under the tent-like protection of the roof, the front of the house is entirely transparent, glowing like a lantern in
that a metal roof? I love this design. Who makes these windows and doors?
I forgot to ask the roof seam width. Thanks.
I just wanted to send a note of thanks. My husband I are building a custom home just west of Austin, Texas, and the roof on your
view of the ocean and mountains in the back. Do you have an estimated cost to build, and estimated architectural fees. We also need a 2 car garage. Thank you
Mueller also makes metal roofs and different colors! Probably one of the best manufactures in the state if Texas. Cost effective for insurance rates
What is the pitch of the porch roof
Living Green Roof with Solar Panels
ZeroEnergy Design
LEED Gold certification for green features including solar electric, a green roof, and the use of sustainable materials. Construction by Cape Associates. Photos
a flat roof with an angled racking system, and has two rows of panel set behind each other, for a total of approximately 2.5kW. Initial estimates put the
requirements, but it has actually been producing closer to half. Also on the roof are 2 solar thermal panels which provide a majority of the domestic hot water
a flat roof with an angled racking system, and has two rows of panel set behind each other, for a total of approximately 2.5kW. Initial estimates put the
Living Green Roof with Solar Panels...shallow roof can have solar panels...this has a live green roof
Connecting spaces upstairs
Smith & Vansant Architects PC
Does anyone know what manufacturer for the roofing material?
What do you call it when the roof line extends over
Love the house ... what is the width of the standing seams on the roof
standing seam metal roof is an "Englert Kynar Ultra-Cool Low Gloss" metal roof in a Dark Bronze finish.
advise on your situation. This standing seam metal roof is an "Englert Kynar Ultra-Cool Low Gloss" metal roof in a Dark Bronze finish with panel widths of around
is the height of the ribs of the roof? I have a large house, with clean lines, and I am considering using metal roof panels that are 16" wide with 1 3/4"
Low Gloss" 24 guage metal roof in a Dark Bronze finish.
Is the roof black or blue?...the width of the roof. 14" or 18"?...Could you advice me on the roof
Canopy over house
Rough estimate construction cost of this house?
found the perfect design. Please, please tell me what will be the approx cost to build this house? I just need a rough indication to work out on our budget
Info on canopy construction please & Costs
that I have been looking for all this while...please share the plan and estimated cost to build this house? Thank you very much!
Are the plans available,and where? Also the estimated price if that is available.
I would like to have more information on this house, cost and plans.
Does a steel canopy offer any economy to a traditional roof?
Just a thought - the huge metal roof covering the entire structure
Sellars Lathrop Architects
Sellars Lathrop Architects, llc
Could you tell me roughly how much a renovation like this would cost? I am about to renovate
I am buying a house with a roof like this (without the add on) approximately how much would
Could you share the colors of the two roofs? Thank you!
How do you transitioin from asphalt shigles to metal roofing?
(material for standing seam roof) up under shingles and counter flash (lap over) with typical waterproof membrane used on eaves of roof
the porch roof and Certainteed, Landmark Pro Max Def shingles on main house, color:Pewter
Can you please share the brand and color of the roof shingles
sorry , I have no knowledge of conditions or costs in your area so can't answer that! Try asking a local builder to review with
West Lake Residence: Exterior
hatch + ulland owen architects
modern, barrel vault, curved, galvanized metal roof, ipe wood, solar panels
sells this roof, what size is the barrell part and how expensive?
I would like to know with curved upper windows included. My house roof would be about
the up-front costs. Leasing companies will also usually pay for repairs and maintenance."
have become an increasingly popular option as a way to defray the up-front costs. Leasing companies will also usually pay for repairs and maintenance.However
glass meets roof, curved angled roof
Custom Architecture
JB Architecture Group, Inc.
guess as to what the roof color is? Thanks!
what is covered area and cost for this lovely home
what kind of roofing material did they used on this? what is it called?
I am planning to renovate my house and my priority is the roofing> so I need
Hi, do you know what color the roof shingles are? Thanks a million!
Hi, could you please tell me the color of the roof shingles. Thanks!
What is the roof made from? Looks like slate tile?
I would estimate the cost of construction to be around $180/sq. ft. We were not the builder for this home, so I am not sure of the actual cost, but I would
Walnut Woods Residence
John Senhauser Architects
space (known lovingly as the “bird feeder”), providing access to the grass roof via an exterior stair. The walnut trees, cleared from the site during c
How often do you need to reroof? How difficult? Costs? what about maintenance? leaks?
the grass on roof is a nice touch, very natural.
the ones on this roof), sedums or succulents can all be good options, depending on climate and sun exposure.Tip: Once your living roof is installed — whether
The grass roof of this distinctive house certainly attracts the most attention, but the horizontal articulation of the small windows is quite interesting
what is the life of a live roof?
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