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How are the solar panels supported and what output would they generate
How durable are solar panels ? We have sofball size hail here in OK
We can't speak for ordinary panels, but Solar Shingles can withstand up to 1&1/2" hail at 52mph.
are those solar panels for roof hangover
Ideas to put the solar panels on the roof
Solar panels as overhang and glass garage door
using solar panels - as a visual and functional
solar powered awning over back patio
great use of solar panels on awnings
solar panels on the wall/small roof
Solar panels and shad from rain
orientation is right. See more high design with solar panels
Solar panels. Suggestions for energy efficiency were a big theme throughout the thread. There are so many new and attractive ways to incorporate these panels these days.
Enivronmentally FriendlyTruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design
What type of solar panels are these and where can i buy them?
I would like a metal roof and solar panels on my home being built in Arizona
solar on metal roof. Thin solar
slick integration of solar PV panels between standing seams of metal roof
Solar strips inbetween the standing seam roof. It sticks on.
metal roof embedded with solar panels
Look for a solar pro who:Offers a strong warranty. Be sure the inverter is covered for at least 10 years and the panels are covered for 20 to 25 years.Uses panels made by a manufacturer based in the
Shire StableBirdseye Design
could you please provide details on the solar roof, thanks Dave
we are building a house and would appreciate knowing the product and suppliers, if you can share that info. Also does the solar panels cover both sides of the roof and does is provide electricity for all the needs of the house? appreciate
GroSOLAR provided the PV panels. Panels are only on the south roof slope providing 19kw of power. This is a barn and the panels are grid tied.
garage roof with solar /////////
Solar Idea for the south side
Cost range: The price of solar panels has dropped 60 percent since the beginning
limited level of understanding. And is there anything more compelling than the fact that solar power can decrease my home’s carbon footprint as much as planting 88 trees could?Full story: Going Solar at Home: Solar Panel Basics
Solar Panels Arbor Construction in San Jose
This is heavy custom-welded Solar Panel Arbor as designed by Studio S Squared Architecture, detailed/calculated by BCA Structural Engineering, and installed by Dream Castle Construction up on residential lot at Almaden Hills in San Jose. Besides its electricity-generating function, it is used as a "tent
a tipping solar pv array as a cover, too?
check out the solar panel set up
solar panels on the sitting area
Solar panels on an awning- double duty
Solar panel shade Nor style , just idea
Living Green Roof with Solar Panels
Modern Cape Cod green home earned LEED Gold certification for green features including solar electric, a green roof, and the use of sustainable materials. Construction by Cape Associates. Photos by Michael J Lee. Green architecture by ZeroEnergy Design. www.Zeroenergy.com
Can you please give me more information on the solar electric? Any information would be helpful. Thank you!
The solar electric system is set on a flat roof with an angled racking system, and has two rows of panel set behind each other, for a total of approximately 2.5kW. Initial estimates put the production at about on third of the homes requirements, but it has actually been producing closer to half. Also
What are the specs for the solar panels? Output, brand, etc. How much power do they put in to the grid at a given time(full sunny day versus cloudy)?
Cost, and share of that cost atttributable to Solar collectors
Elsewhere on the web and in the book Prefabulous, this house is discussed. The cost is shown as $225,000 for about 1500 ft^2 of floor space, of $150 per ft^2. Does that cost include the solar collectors, etc.? If so, what is the rough
Any suggestions for finding a bank that is passive solar friendly?
drainback Secusol solar thermal system. Perfect for Passiv Homes http://usa.wagner-solar.com/heat/products/solar-heating-systems/hot-water-systems/secusol-hot-water-system.html
We used fixed windows on the south facade to maximize passive solar gain and thermal
Hi there can you tell us how the solar panels are held up?
Where can I get solar panel shades
could we do this for solar panels since we can't put on roof?
use of solar pv for shading
are they solar shades as well as a rain shed
Solar panels as window shades, like soffits
Like the solar cells as an awning
While it's a common practice to put solar panels on the roof, this multi-family project by Pb Elemental uses them as canopies overlooking the garden. In this case it's important to coordinate the panels with the adjacent landscaping, so the latter does not block the sun; otherwise the panels might be
Frank Gehry Make It Right FoundationChad Chenier Photography/Make It Right
solar on top of patio cover
“great idea: solar panels as roofing material” “Open beams to support solar panels” “Solar panels: frameless solar modules, Lumos LSX” “Solar panels over rooftop deck
Solar panels: frameless solar modules, Lumos LSX
Solar panels over rooftop deck double as roof/shade.
great idea: solar panels as roofing material
Open beams to support solar panels
solar panels made into a pergola
solar panels as lanai or rooftop deck shade
the homes. Here, frameless solar modules produce solar energy and double as a waterproof canopy and shade on the rooftop terraces. "The panels are laminated to glass so you can see some diffused light coming through the panels," says Pollard. Solar panels: frameless solar modules, Lumos LSX
West Lake Residence: Exteriorhatch + ulland owen architects
modern, barrel vault, curved, galvanized metal roof, ipe wood, solar panels
Lease, buy or finance? Solar leases have become an increasingly popular option as a way to defray the up-front costs. Leasing companies will also usually pay for repairs and maintenance.However, a permanent installation not only comes with tax advantages, but it will also likely increase the value of
Chalk Hill Off-Grid CabinArkin Tilt Architects
Solar panels can be on the ground
efficiency to your house, look into a solar water heater. Pickering has laid out all the details of what to expect in costs, savings and time allotted for the project, and a solar water heater is far more attainable than I had ever thought.Full story: How to Add a Solar Water Heater
S. Department of Energy estimates that monthly bills drop by 50 to 80 percent after a solar water heater is installed. An excellent page on its website can help you estimate initial costs and the payback of a solar water heating system. In the U.S. also check DSIRE, a database of state and national
installation of a solar hot water system and its components shouldn’t take much more than a week, and sometimes less. Best time to do this project: Anytime your roof isn’t covered in snow. Start planning now for an installer to come out to your house when spring hits.
solar panels on garage with standing seam metal roof, Bay AreaBill Fry Construction - Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.
solar panels on garage with standing seam metal roof, Bay Area
Solar Panels - redoing 100 yr old beach home (Galveston)
You'd need to contact a solar specialist in your area. :) Rhoda
Solar power, y u no affordable?
cool way to attach solar panels
Want to explore solar panels and windmills
Solar panel roofing for the whole roof!
is this how solar panels attach?
standing seam metal roof with solar panels.
solar panels on the roof... which will be expensive
to go this route, make sure that your loan payment is less than your average electricity bill to ensure that you’re still saving money.Note: Going solar will usually raise your homeowner’s insurance premium; expect to see it increase by a few bucks per month.
The New FarmhouseRafe Churchill: Traditional Houses
Love the low visual impct of the solar panels. Brand/Model please?
Solar panels blend with ton roof
I like the screen porch and the solar panels.
good way to blend roof solar panels.
solar panels with low visual impact
solar panels on traditional farmhouse look,
eco aspects of this build i.e. solar panels and recycled materials
The house could easily be mistaken for a circa-1890s farmhouse — but a second look reveals the solar panels, which almost blend in with the metal roof. Churchill says that often when people design a modern farmhouse, they reference something like what a member of the landed gentry might have resided
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