Four leads and one project that turned into a $100,000+ three floor remodel project with great clients - that's a good ratio in my opinion.
Houzz has been an amazing source of new business for our firm! One client who had purchased a home in our target market and was in the process of relocating from the East Coast and needed a complete cosmetic makeover. Without a known network of professionals in our market they searched online and came across our professional profile on Houzz and initiated an interview. We met with the clients on site who had been interviewing other firms and they felt we were the right fit. While this was the first client who had found our firm via Houzz we have interviewed with several others and are currently bidding & contracting on many of these projects.
Houzz has connected me with multiple clients resulting in residential interior design projects ranging from $30k-100k. Great referrals!!!
I Have to say that joining the Houzz community has been a remarkable experience. As a small business in the design industry, marketing my work has felt overwhelming at times… it can also been very expensive and at times is impossible to track where leads actually come from. You never really know how accessible your work is, or who your ads are reaching. Houzz changes this and it has given me an awesome platform from which to reach out to my clients and peers.
I have had several new clients find me on Houzz. They contacted me via email, we have exchanged Ideabooks, and started the landscape design process - it's been a super busy spring!
One of our photos has been added to over 14,000 Ideabooks. A homeowner saw it on the Houzz homepage, called us, and had a large quantity of mosaics shipped to her location halfway across the country.
I just discovered that 65% of my site traffic comes from Houzz.
I primarily do large scale remodels and new construction. Houzz has allowed me to target the modern/contemporary market as many of my clients use the website to generate design ideas by searching the "Modern" keyword.
Once they begin to research contractors in our area they find my work and namesake ( Modern Craft Construction ) which leads to the initial contact with my company. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!
A huge thank you to Houzz!! Today we had our first new client that found us on Houzz. In Texas and I am in SC! I met with them today and it is a go. We also just got a confirmation that we are going to have a project on the cover of this old house magazine and the editor found us on Houzz!!
My client looked at other kitchen/bath designers in the area on Houzz. They told me by looking at the photos they narrowed it down to two designers that they felt came up with ideas they wouldn't have on their own... and called me.
Having a continually growing library of ideas like Houzz lets people look at a wide variety of fireplace ideas at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home, and allows them to share the ones they like with us online without even needing to be in the same state, much less the same room.
My clients searched pics that they liked and learned I was local. It was a new house. I've had 5 other interviews from potential clients that saw my work on Houzz.
I was contacted for a consultation after the homeowner saw my work on Houzz. Now I am doing a front and backyard landscape renovation.
Just yesterday, I signed with a client to do a remodel of their house and guess where my client saw my work? On Houzz!!
I just got another client through Houzz - I'm going to redo an entire 6,000 sq ft house. The client said she loved everything about me.
Just had my first sale due to client seeing product on the Houzz site! LOVE it.
I didn't know about all the information that was on Houzz - so I was pleasantly surprised when I could sort by city, find and hire an architect!
Catherine K.
Houzz assisted me by helping me decide what designer to use. What better way to recognize the designer that you would like to choose other than seeing their portfolio?
Ray K.
My idea book probably has 300 or 400 photos, I’m on there every day. It’s ridiculous. I was able to pick out why I liked certain layouts. For instance, I liked when the fridge was off to the side, not the focal point.
Cynthia O.
Houzz was a great resource in finding designers that fit our style. We wouldn't have found Danenberg Design if not for Houzz and we are thankful for that.
Jagdeesh and Deepti
Houzz was the biggest factor in finding Kerrie Kelly. It made it so easy first to find Sacramento decorators, to quickly review who made the effort to showcase their talent, and finally to see who fit my style.
Lisa B.
I searched for ‘row house’ on Houzz to collect photos for my Ideabooks and found Ben Herzog’s work. I learned from Houzz that Ben loves to design row houses, is located in Brooklyn and that I love his work.
Nell D.
The time flies while flipping through Houzz! We're building a new home and Houzz is making decisions and communication with everyone so much easier when I have a great picture to show.
Meredith H.
So useful during a major renovation!! beats buying hundreds of magazines like I had to when I built my home in the 90"s...
Lori C.
Every night I look forward to climbing in bed and just relaxing with my iPad and checking out Houzz! Helps me have sweet dreams.
Leticia M.
I wanted to do barn-style sliding doors in two places in my house, the Houzz iPad app helped me 'show' my husband the concept! :-)
Brooke M.
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