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Birmingham, MI Private gardenArt | Harrison Interiors & Collection
provide storage for additional gardening tools. Beth Singer Photographer, Inc.
unique storage space for garden tools
Covers AC unit and has storage
air conditioner hidden under, on top tool storage
Cool idea to store yard tools
hidden storage, hiding an air conditioning unit and larger garden tools, like rakes and hoes.
Hand ToolsWhat to do: The most important tip for tool maintenance is to clean any dirt off the metal parts. Oiling the metal or spritzing it with WD-40 will get you extra points. Now is also the time to inspect
Store tools somewhere dry, and they’ll be ready to go when the ground thaws.
ProjectsFlow Wall System
Even tools r on the wall
things/ big tool box next nearby
Slat wall in carport storage/shed
hooks for tool storage http://www.flowwall.com
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Garden ShedMark Hickman Homes
What is the siding made of on the storage shed?
Great way to store garden tools!
Great idea for tool storage at the
of the tool hanging in the shed
Ease of getting the garden tools
Outside accessible garden tools. Also wood-handled tools and cool pruning saw design.
in the tool shed organizing, cleaning and prepping tools for the next growing season. Simple soap and water will take care of cleaning most tools, while pots and clippers should be cleaned with a mild solution of bleach water to prevent plant disease.
Get your tools ready. Good steel wool removes
rust from tools stored over the winter. To prevent rust on smaller tools in the future, insert them into a container of dry sand so air can't get to the metal.
Surprise Garage Makeover!The Design Den Homes Inc.
a dark storage dumping ground, to a multi-use, super organized + functional dream space.
Valley tools. Both have similar options. Good luck!
Great reminder to CLEAN those tools!
Garage - hanging of tools, umbrellas and outdoor shoes.
I like the idea of having a covered porch area to hang all of the garden tools.
Organized yard tools out of the weather
Idea to save space for garden tools
Taking care of garden tools is a labor of love!
garden tools and store them away from the elements. If you dealt with any diseased plants, clean the blades of the tools with rubbing alcohol to prevent spreading the disease to healthy plants.
Moss ResidenceDirk Denison Architects
Place for tools that are easy to access in utility closet
place to put tools or it could be a pantry but have sliders above the doorway so you could slide the door over so it doesn't look messy
Tool room with lots of magnet bars mounted to wall to hold tools in plain sight.
Use magnetic stips for small tools
Garage Update on CavenderThe Cavender Diary
needed tools and allow paint brushes to dry.
Storage ideas for garage at cabin
magnetic bars great for inside cabinet door storage
Knife magnets for tools, paintbrushes, etc
they hold tools and paintbrushes. Angus and Bolton will tackle building a back deck next. "We've got a how-to book from Home Depot and we're good to go," says Angus. They also hope to tackle the master bathroom this year. "It's so terrible that we only use it for storage," he says. We look forward to seeing
smart tool solution. If you found while working on recent projects that you were lacking any basic tools, make a list of what you need. For what you do have, try organizing things on a magnetic wall rack: It's neat and functional, and it fits in anywhere.
GarageCalifornia Closets Maryland
For storage garage portion, but no pegboard... brown recluse haven. :-(
peg board for Nate's tools. drawer space too?
cabinets & tool storage on wall
choose storage units that are made from durable materials; items stored in the garage are often heavy, so you want shelves that won’t buckle or bend. She also says in the tighter confines of the garage, you are more likely to bump, brush or spill things on your storage system, so an easy-clean material
Garden ShedMark Hickman Homes
all your tools...and in case you forget where they belong, it is cut out for you!
tool silhouette guide for gardening shed
Shapes of the tools painted on the
Like the negative color for tool storage.
Give yourself a tool silhouette guide. The tools
Very cool - the tools fit into their silhouettes!
give yourself a tool sihouette for proper replacement when done
Give yourself a tool silhouette guide.
yourself a tool silhouette guide. The tools on the right are easy to fit into their proper spots with the clever matching silhouettes.
long-handled tools, and most of the panels below could have been avoided.
for each tool separately - no two tools on one hook
unsightly tools stored neatly & organised manner
Way to see all yard tools
Wall hooks for lawn tools
Flow Wall Storage Panels
siding for additional hanging storage
Wall Storage Solutions
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Garage Update on CavenderThe Cavender Diary
Hooks on metal pole to hang tools
organized tool room. Note hanging tools on rod
Pipe along the wall for hanging tool storage
hanging tool storage
Using pipes for hanging tools
Storage Ideas...tool storage...Ideal storage space...or shed storage...rolling tool carts
craft roomAutum Hall
serve as storage. The pegboard keeps necessary tools organized but within easy reach.
fabric storage , another has my sewing machines, ironing board, and thread and notions. We also have a wood burner, tv computer desk, and a guest bedroom plus a small bathroom down there. Washer &dryer too. We are currently doing a ceiling , lighting and flooring remodel. I would like some ideas on how
Peg board for sewing tool storage
variety of wall storage ideas and the work table
to hang tools on so they're ready when you need them. Make sure your shipping station is stocked with all the tools and materials you will need. You do not want to be scrambling at the last minute for scissors or tape. You want these items to be highly accessible but also out of the way of your work surface
Madeline IslandAlbertsson Hansen Architecture, Ltd
secure tool-storage place. When it’s sunny, the solar array on the roof provides enough electricity to power the house. The low-pitched porch roof is covered with standing-seam Galvalume to help shed snow in winter. The same material encases the chimney. (Masonry would have been too costly, Albertsson
secure tool-storage place. When it’s sunny, the solar array on the roof provides enough electricity to power the house.The low-pitched porch roof is covered with standing-seam Galvalume to help shed snow in winter. The same material encases the chimney. (Masonry would have been too costly, Albertsson
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