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Give Your Baby the Healthiest, Safest Nursery Possible

Protect your newborn by choosing nontoxic nursery furniture, bedding, rugs and paint. We give you all the details here Full Story
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Air quality is a huge factor in many health conditions. Until I moved to Florida, I lived in a coal-mining region where grey skies were the norm, especially in the winter when smoke from coal furnaces flowed from the chimneys of homes that were heated with coal because it was so cheap.

If you lived near a river you also had to contend with the emissions from the chemical plants that lined its banks, their tall stacks belching steam laced with noxious fumes. My youngest had asthma, and would end up in the emergency room of the nearest hospital, along with a lot of other people in respiratory distress, any time one of those plants had a major "burp". Everyone in the area knew what an inversion was, because it kept the smoke and fumes closer to the ground and intensified their effects.

Our family doctor advised getting him out of that environment, and so that fall we moved to a cottage on a beach dune in Florida, where his asthma improved amazingly. And then we had a red tide . . .

Pollution is everywhere, and information like what is presented in this article gives us a chance to minimize our childrens' exposure to it. So why wouldn't any parent limit that exposure whenever we can? Knowledge is power, and thanks to Robyn Lawrence, tmasepohl and the others who add to that knowledge.

And one tip from me: be sure to thoroughly wash any new clothing, sheets and blankets before allowing them to come into contact with your baby to eliminate some of the insecticides and chemicals they may have come in contact with while they were being manufactured.
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Custom Hardwood Stair Parts
Be sure to look over your stair railings and balusters before baby comes. Those loose areas can be a problem and especially when the baby becomes a toddler!
July 28, 2013 at 11:37pm   
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