Highlands, TX
Whatever moves me at that moment!
My next project: Who knows, you my see me somewhere re doing my whole house, or add a small golf putting green and a pond with a running stream, and all in my backyard. Now I just need help organizing and doing something with lots of things I have created, and now have stuff sitting in different places, safe to say outside is going great, inside, HELP
About me: Retired/Disability at home,but it's Not what everyone thought. It gets lonely, uneventful,so I've been creating my own Projects, even ones people think I can't, of course that's going to make me do it or try it, create my version off whatever it is that suits me at that moment. Ya know they where wrong! If you want to do something, by God You show them not only have you created what ya started out for, but took it further, why, because I can!
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