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5 Ways to Pare Down Your Stuff — Before It Gets in the Door

Want to free up some room around the house? Rethink gift giving, give yourself a shopping mantra and just say, ‘No, thank you’ to freebies Full Story
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I've been living in a tidy (and pretty:) 475 sq ft bedroom in nyc for 13 years. I believe functional and neat living is a discipline. My sister was procrastinating/struggling with cleaning out a spare room the size of my apartment. Using the cost/sq foot for her home, I calculated that her spare room was essentially a $67,000 storage unit. I use this rationale myself...is this item really worth the square footage I have to give up? I'm also a huge quality vs. quantity advocate. (I have 5 purses, each has a specific purpose, but all are designer.) And I'm ruthless about useless gifts from lovely and well-meaning relatives.

Three months later, and with my help, about 80% of the "stuff" is gone and she is now finally able to start the renovation work she has been dreaming about since she moved in. And, no, I did not give her a birthday present this year. I think the stack of tax deduction receipts was what she really needed and wanted!
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We started buying fridge magnets for our souvenirs when the kids were little because we could actually afford them. They don't take up much space (until you have been married and vacationing 35 years) but I shift them around on the fridge & freezer (in the garage) and always experience a great memory for my few seconds of fiddling.
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92viadi bookmarked an ideabook

9 Ways to Make Your Home Office Fabulous

When your workspace is as unusually beautiful as these, inspiration and motivation are never placed on hold Full Story
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Gotham Dream Builders
What a way to make to turn work into a comfortable, leisurely, and stylish activity!
August 11, 2014 at 3:20PM     
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deZign services inc
Nancy and I have worked together for the past years in a team effort. Our last project was space planning a 1500 square foot medical office in Glendale, California.. Our drawings were so detailed, they passed thru Building and Safety, over the counter. Now that's what I call a set of plans!! We are both quite detailed making our set of drawings very understandable.
August 27, 2014 at 4:15PM     
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