Amy Jane Adams

Home professional 
Cirencester, Gloucestershire
United Kingdom 
About me:
I'm a artist-designer-maker. I decided interior design was the way forward for me having trained in all that I love and that I happened to be good at, painting, drawing, fashion design, embroidery, furniture making & upholstery. I have a great knowledge of history and styles, this led me to start antique dealing and seek inspiration from traditional, quality techniques. Every skill I acquired is an element of interior design and I knew that by having them I would have great quality control over designs and build great relationships with makers, my ambition is to one day revive the traditional design workshop where everything is produced in house. My ability to paint gives me an understanding of colour, my draughtsmanship/fine art drawing skill allows me to develop and visualise 2D renderings of a design whilst my training in furniture and garment production enables me to see it through to a 3D form. 
My favorite style:
Elizabethan wall paintings and embroidered creatures 
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