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I am a freelance editorial and wedding photographer based out of Hershey, PA. My photography and design work has been featured on a variety of outlets including the Nate Berkus show, Garden Design Magazine, Zest Magazine, Hobby Farm Home,,, Fine, Design*sponge, Apartment Therapy and more. I blog about design, food, photography and the occasional personal insight over at 'A Nest for All Seasons' -- come say Hello!
Hershey, PA US 
Amy Renea 
Hershey, PA  
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15 conseils de pro pour devenir un parfait éco-jardinier

Faire la démarche de devenir un éco-jardinier, c'est tout simplement être responsable et conscient des générations futures Full Story
     Comment   16 hours ago
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Gardening Solutions for Heavy Clay Soils

What’s a gardener to do with soil that’s easily compacted and has poor drainage? Find out here Full Story
     Comment   August 17, 2014
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How do you plant anything in heavy clay without tilling it? Our soil laughed at garden tools. If I swung a pick at it, I managed to chip a small piece off. If I managed to chip out a hole, water would sit in it for days. If we hadn't tilled we could never have planted anything.

We had a bobcat 'rip' through it, then used a rotary hoe to mix gypsum and manure through. We then covered it with mulch and let it sit for a year. Finally we started planting, but had to be careful of all the worms that had taken up residence. Years later, and we still have wonderful friable soil and a flourishing garden.
August 16, 2014 at 5:36PM     
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Great Design Plant: Donkey Spurge

Yes, there's the awful name, plus the sap issue. But this plant's foliage and flowers bring something special to Eastern U.S. gardens Full Story
     Comment   August 13, 2014
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The milky substance inside the donkey tail spurge causes very bad blistering if opened. VERY HARMFUL!
August 13, 2014 at 9:49AM   
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Amy Renea
Wow Diane! That is a terrible reaction!! How awful for him! As noted in the article, this plant can cause a rash and it varies in degree from person to person. Keeping kids and pets away from it is the right way to go!
August 13, 2014 at 10:08AM   
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Pflanzen: Die wichtigsten Fakten zum Thema Winterhärte

Winterhart oder nicht? Eben diese Frage entscheidet oft über den Kauf einer Pflanze – doch der Winter ist nicht immer und überall gleich Full Story
   Comment   August 10, 2014
Amy Renea now has a photo featured in an ideabook

Easy Vegetable Gardens for Black Thumbs

Think you need to have a natural green thumb to grow your own vegetables? Not so. Just follow this simple guide Full Story
     Comment   August 4, 2014
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