About me: I would define art as being my passion. It is something which comes from within and cannot be explained through words, but rather can be seen through my artwork. It has been a part of me ever since I was a toddler and will always be a part of me. Art is one thing that helps me express my thoughts, emotions and feelings that seem almost impossible to explain on paper. After all, I am an artist, not a writer. My canvas becomes my paper, my brush becomes my pen and the strokes of paint narrate the story yet to be told.
The type of art that I produce is contemporary. Most of the time, I do not set out to produce art about one subject in specific, I create my artwork based on whatever I see and feel. What urges me to paint is the attraction I feel towards certain subjects and objects. Everything from the drops of rain to the sound of wind becomes my inspiration as well as something as simple as the colours that surround us. What influences or inspires me is whatever I see, feel or experience. My inspiration can come from something very complex or from something completely abstract as Jackson Pollock’s ‘Should be laughing,’ to an afghan girl portrait from National Geographic (Photography). Most of the time my paintings focus on major world issues such as water deprivation or wastage and/or, of poverty.
None of my artwork is intentional, it is developed over time. It is hard when people ask for an artist statement because I believe that a picture speaks for itself, it doesn’t have to be explained or narrated. Like many would say, “a picture speaks a thousand words.”
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