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10 Expert Tips for Growing Edibles in Containers

Get glorious veggies and fruits on your patio with a pro’s guidance — including his personal recipe for potting mix Full Story
     Comment   April 2, 2014
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Robert Beebe
An insight on how to mix the Planting Soil? I dump layers on a large tarp and pull one edge over to the other side, rolling the ingredients back and forth in several directions til I'm satisfied with the blend.
last Thursday at 6:41pm   
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Thanks Steve for the great article & terrific tips! I'm in S Florida & can no longer put my plants in the ground like I used up north since the slugs, snails & lizards seem to feast upon the tender young plants. I started using containers inside a fully screened in area and the tomato & pepper plants are doing ok but have been battling loads of white fly. My basil has also developed black spot fungus, it seems to be a constant struggle.
on Sunday at 11:58am   
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12 Deadly Decorating Sins

Are your room designs suffering from a few old habits? It may be time to change your ways Full Story
     Comment   March 30, 2014
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I think being mindful of scale is very important. And I agree that proper lighting is absolutely essential.
18 hours ago   
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Hey Kurt, Did you ever imagine how controversial this article would turn out to be?
My thoughts: I prefer beige and off white to the current trend of dreary grey.
Granite seems to be a "keeping up with the Joneses" choice. There are so many other, less expensive options.
Stainless steel appliances - ugh! I can't stand the way the fingerprints look on them, or the constant cleaning to get rid of the fingerprints. I've seen suggestions that oil is the best to clean the appliances, but won't that just attract dust?
I love having an animal print (faux, of course) in a room for that bit of humor.
I also use fake or silk flowers and plants because I have two cats who love to gnaw on greens. They're very real looking (the plants, not the cats) and are changed out with the seasons (and cleaned before being stored.)
But all in all, everyone should make their own choices, decorators and the Joneses be damned!
3 hours ago   
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Advice on Canyon Farming From L.A.'s Vegetable Whisperer

See how a screened garden house and raised beds help an edible garden in a Los Angeles canyon thrive Full Story
     Comment   March 30, 2014
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Also do not use treated lumber in or near water - the reason it does not rot is because it is poisonous to life. Railroad ties count as treated lumber - any form of treatment. If using reclaimed wood older than say thirty years check it for lead content if it has any remnants of paint on it. If you are planting next to a structure that is over 30 years old (or if there was ever a structure there that is now "gone") check the soil for lead - the plants will absorb it. By the by - if you are in a dry area consider using stone mulch - a "trick" I learned in Arkansas - went back after almost thirty years and the plants are still doing fine (unattended). Planting next to a side walk or the like has some of the same benefits.
April 1, 2014 at 10:18am   
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I really like the idea of screening in a small vegetable garden when the critters are taking over. Thanks for the idea!
April 8, 2014 at 12:39pm   
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   Comment   March 30, 2014
Mindy Harris bookmarked an ideabook

How to Farm Your Parking Strip

Get an up-close look at a thriving street-side edible garden, one of many sprouting up in Seattle Full Story
     Comment   March 24, 2014
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Curt D'Onofrio
@waffel , "Buy what you must, grow the rest and exchange with locals" -> Agreeing. Our locals are our neighbors. Our cherry tomatto plant produces way to much. We share them whomever wants them. We know it's not much, but we try to share, otherwise, they are going to go to waste...and that's not an acceptable answer to us
on Sunday at 9:24pm   
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I've seen these parking strip vegetable gardens in my mom's Seattle neighborhood. Great idea! I'd love to do it on my Castro Valley parking strip but it would end up feeding the deer before we humans could get anything.
on Tuesday at 2:49pm   
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