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Pittsburgh, PA  
About me:
I'm a single mom and currently live with my parents. Needless to say, I've overtaken the decorating here in their home:) Decorating, I love, along with fashion, hair, makeup and nails, which is my career. My skill of DIY-ing was passed down to me by my father, who built this beautiful home with his own two hands and just a little help from my mom and myself. My mom, also along with my dad, passed down her skill of crafting, refurbishment and renovation of, well, pretty much anything. I can see potential in anything. The saying that, "Someone's trash is someone else's treasure," is very true to me!!! And hey, it saves money too:)

There are a few huge things happening in my life and I'll be living here with my parents, who are truly my best friends, for a little while, or at least those things pass and I'm able to financially move on. I can not wait to find a place to really call my own. Thank God, my parent's home is a large one and I can basically take over the entire upstairs. But I really look forward to the day that I can decorate a home of my own and have all of mine and my son's belongings together in that place without, literally, living on top of my parents. 
My favorite style:
A little of everything, though I've always loved Asian style and currently I'm into the whole Shabby Chic thing 
My next house project:
I'm working on something, somewhere at any given time. But I'm currently trying to figure out a new way to restyle/renovate my bedroom into a more zen and relaxing space which includes a work space. My bedroom is a good size of about 12x17, so no complaints there. Just a chaotic life and needing some peacefulness to relax in every night. My bedroom is seemingly starting to reflect the madness and chaos happening and that's just not healthy. Forgive me for being holistic here, but I believe seeing calm, zen and quiet before sleeping reflects that in your attitude the following day. 
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