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About me: I am a mom, a wife and a grandmother. Because we had our first child when I was 20 & my husband was 21 and we wanted a large family so we just kept going. We have four beautiful daughters. I now say I should have had him clarify what LARGE meant because as an only child I assumed large meant 2! My husband however was one of four children and to him a large family was 4-6-so the compromise was 3 but the 4th came along and she was just SO meant to be it completed our family. Our daughters are now 33, 31, 28 and 26. My 28 year old has a 13 year old step-daughter and a 17 month old baby boy, with flaming red hair and blue eyes (apparently only 10-15% of redheads have blue eyes, with green and hazel being the majority). I am a blue eyed red head who ended up with four blonde girls-so this is a small thrill for me. Our 26 year old is the proud mom of a baby boy who is 21 mos. Because we started our family so young it is great now because my husband is 54 and I will be 53 this December, we feel we still have a lot of energy left and look forward to experiencing all the milestones with rue grandsons that we enjoyed with our granddaughter becuase we had a blast with her.. Because my daughter and her husband lived in our basement for a little over a year, and Trinity visited every other weekend and during the week we developed a very close bond with her from the age of 2 1/2. She truly doesn't remember a time when we we not in her life. When they moved out, we missed her and our weekends were just not the same. My husband was used to having bacon and eggs every Sat. & Sun with his little buddy so we asked if we could have her stay over night occasionally. At the time she was 4 & had spent so much time with us she truly missed us as much as we missed her so because we were blessed with an amazing son-in-law, whose visitation changed to every weekend when they moved out, we had her every other weekend from the time she was 4 until she was 10! And luckily being only 44 and 45, we were young enough to actually engage and enjoy the experience. As you can probably see my family is very import to me.

I am an unemployed marketing executive currently looking for work. My passion is decorating and DIY projects. I love decorating and I am in the process of re-decorating our home. We've downsized from 3,000 s.f. to 1,800 s.f. when the last of our 4 daughters moved out and we didn't do a great job of editing so after 5 years in the house we are planning a basement family room and will be able to re-cycle some things, sell some and get some new things. W painted every room in the house in the first 3 mos, then we totally gutted and re-did the powder room and at the end of the first year we gutted everything in the kitchen from the floors all the way up to the cupboards and everything in between and did a total renovation and I love it. The last major Reno was the master bath and that was a total gut also, with new tub, toilet and vanity. We used white subway tile on the interior of the tub/shower area and about 2/3 of the way up we inserted a row of mini mosaic tile, the same size as the subway tile and it gave the cost effective subway tile a unique and high end look. The mosaic tile had every shade of blue and we choose a very light blue for the walls and had planned a white vanity but when we found one we loved it was only available in espresso so we took it and if it hadn't worked we were going to return it but it looked stunning. We found a rare type of granite that looks like marble, so you get the look of marble but you have the benefits of granite which is much stronger. We have finished renovating and are now just decorating and re-decorating. We had planned on dry walling over the '70's panelling in the basement but our real estate agent advised against it, recommending paint and new flooring only. As the major reno's upstairs had definitely increased the value of the house, he said we probably wouldn't get ever
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Commented: Almost Done Lake House Reno Just an FYI-I too love how Sarah combines is an art and an area I often struggle with. Her site is great but in CANADA AT LOWES she has her own paint line with all the hues and colours that...
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