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Guest Picks: Handy Finds for Painting Projects of All Kinds

Make over rooms and furniture more easily and with better results with the right paint and gear Full Story
     Comment   September 10, 2014
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@kistone: See the armoire I painted above! It was a plain oak piece of furniture, no different from the oak cabinets you are describing. Just stained and varnished oak! I used a good basic furniture cleaner (Formby's) to thoroughly clean the piece before painting. If there are any trouble spots you can also lightly sand them out. The nice thing about AS paints is that no major prep is required. My armoire turned out really well; even my husband likes it (he was initially not thrilled about me painting it ;)
on Sunday at 9:12AM     
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Katy Jordan
Great article and I've added a few of these to my "to try" list. I used to get paint tray liners, until I realized that the plastic bags we used to get from the grocery store (and sometimes still do when we don't take in/forget our reusable bags) are perfect for this - and free. I turn them inside out so that any print on the bag doesn't bleed into my paint and slip them over my metal trays - perfect! When I'm done painting, I grab the handles and pull the bag back to right-side out, tie and toss.

I'm also a huge fan of Frog tape, but another thing that helps for stripes or edges in different colors, there's this: After painting the base color (or ceiling or whatever), apply the tape, then lightly paint over the edge at the side where you're painting the new color USING THE FIRST COLOR. I'm not sure that makes sense, so I'll explain. I painted the door to a modular cabinet in my office. I painted the whole door a pale pink shade, then taped the door for my stripes. I pressed my tape edges down and used Frog tape, so I wasn't very worried, but just in case, I went ahead and lightly painted all the edges in the same light pink I had already used. (That way, if there is bleed, it will be the base color.) Then I painted my darker pink stripes over everything. When I pulled the tape off, I had beautiful crisp lines. I did lightly (LIGHTLY) sand when I was done to deal with any slight ridges created where the two colors met.
on Monday at 1:07PM     
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