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Do It for the Kids! A Few Routines Help a Home Run More Smoothly

Not a Naturally Organized person? These tips can help you tackle the onslaught of papers, meals, laundry — and even help you find your keys Full Story
     Comment   April 2, 2014
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My older son who is 7 has ADHD so it's been difficult to teach him to put his stuff away after school. As a result, I created the After School Checklist. On it is every single thing he needs to do from putting his uniform belt and shoes away to doing his homework and putting it back in his backpack folder and his backpack by the garage door. When he completes the checklist he can earn a tally. He earns one tally for each chore he completes in a timely manner without whining. If he offers to do a chore and completes it without our intervention he earns two tallies. Tallies can be redeemed for screen time or he can save up tallies for special privileges such as going to a movie or going out for ice cream.

We have reserved the right to remove tallies for misbehavior or to not give him a tally if he whines too much while doing a chore or he takes too long completing it.

Since we switched to the very simple tally system (I track them on the fridge so he can see his tallies) he's been much more organized after school and he helps out more at home. Once when I came back from the grocery store I found him cleaning the living room. He noticed on his own that the living room was messy and decided to clean it since he wanted screen time. He did an excellent job and earned two tallies for his initiative.

One unexpected side benefit is that asks for screen time much less often than he used to. I guess sometimes it's not worth the added work.
March 31, 2014 at 1:16pm     
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