Phoenix, AZ
My next project: Remodeling the master bathroom.
About me: I am a single woman after a 22 year marriage, an Aerobics Instructor for the most part; although, I wear different hats. I have done a lot of work in my condo since I purchased it last March & am happy with it for the most part; although, I would love a jacuzzi tub in the 2nd bath & wish to totally remodel the master w/the exception of the maple cabinets & the add ons I did. I hate, hate, despise (lol) the white tile on the floor & in the shower!!! I'm forever cleaning that bright white grout & I hate the look as well. It's gotta go! :) Sooo...that's my next project which I cannot do myself.

I love the sky light in my living room; however, I can't figure out how to clean that thing! I just pray for a good rain to clean that baby up! Lol.."Is there an easy way to clean those other than a miracle from above?" :) I wonder if I can pop that baby out, clean it. & put it back in? I have no clue, but I love it anyway! Everyone that walks in comments on my sky light & fireplace which looks like marble or something, but surely is a faux stone covering of some sort.
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