Toledo, OH
I thought I had a style "eclectic comfort" ... But my new house requires something a bit different... We call the house Martha and she softly tells us what works and what doesn't. I've discovered a new style that I'm sure will become all the rage...
French Country meets Hollywood Regency!!! Lol lol no seriously!
My next project: Now doing the KITCHEN!
About me: In June 2013, my husband and I bought a house built in 1907 with 22 rooms. The house was boarded up and in need of lots of love. All the plumbing and electrical was GONE. We gutted the majority of the house and are going room by room. We have now lived without a kitchen for 1 year and 5 months!
The most important thing I've gained from this experience is PATIENCE! Very few things go as planned and flexibility is required and sometimes it's painful, other times it's a blessing... Just hidden.
I love seeing all the suggestions and ideas!
This is a wonderful source.
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