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Decorating 101: How to Shop for Furniture

Before you hit the stores, learn what furniture to get rid of, what to look for when buying, and how to avoid mistakes Full Story
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Thinking of the person who likes a firm sofa. Bassett makes some sofas, in the USA, to fit your firmness needs and your color/fabric choices. There are also some Italian made sofas at Macy's that may/may not fit your needs. I sit for as long as necessary before buying chairs, sofas, or cars. I buy my cars for the driver's and passengers' seats, and accessibility to instrument package, not for the hype. I may spend more hours in a car/day than in chairs or sofas. So far good seating has paid off in long life for both vehicles and furniture, as well as helping preserve my comfort. I agree with you, that many American sofas are way too soft, and lack any ergonomic awareness.
August 13, 2014 at 9:29AM     
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Remodel Advocates - Owner's Representation & PM
"A piece that looks perfect in a showroom with 20-foot ceilings may not look the same under your 8-foot ceiling at home."
on Tuesday at 9:01AM   
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How to Create an Inventory, Whether You're Naturally Organized or Not

Documenting your home items is essential, even if disaster seems unimaginable. And it may be easier than you think Full Story
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Thank you for this vital article on losing ones possessions.
Our house was burgled 15 years ago. I traveled for a living and had collected precious items from around the world including jewelry. Then four years ago my brothers condo burned, and he lost his life as well. Now I had all my belongings in a 2000 square foot private storage locker,( as I was moving), burgled. Everything, including photos, precious antiques , my mothers property, fathers property including his leftover inventory from his business and all my property was taken. Probably over 600 k's worth. I had 2 insurance policy's with a gap in the middle. The insurance trying to prove the incident happened between policies! I had used half of your suggestions, but not all. I pray every one who reads this, realizes the importance of the advice in this article, and also have mega insurance on all your property. I have not much left to inventory, but even paper clips will be recorded and photographed!
August 10, 2014 at 7:29AM     
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Pink Fortitude, LLC
Hi Alison -

I love your tireless commitment to educate all of us about the importance of preparation and use your horrible experience to help others. As a BC survivor, I do the same thing and feel like a broken record sometimes, but it's the message that we don't want to hear, but NEED TO and HAVE TO hear.

We have a "go box" with a handle and all of our important documents, including a backup drive for our computers (which actually is backed up). Worst case, if we have to grab one thing in a quick evacuation, that is it, no questions, no hesitation.

Now... I need to get out the camera and start taking pictures... thanks again!

Hugs, Holly
August 21, 2014 at 8:40AM   
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Summer Living: How to Welcome Weekend Guests

Thoughtful touches and smart planning make summer visitors feel right at home Full Story
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These are great suggestions! What do you say about a guest 3 week stay), that's says I need a gallon of organic milk since your going to the store! - I just buy regular milk from the store. :)
July 13, 2014 at 2:49PM     
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Shelly, more like a gallon of wine :)
July 13, 2014 at 3:21PM     
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