Cedar Creek lake area, TX
My next project: Kitchen remodel
About me: I am inspired by nature and enjoy bringing the beauty of nature into the home. I typically enjoy re purposing found objects that might otherwise go to waste. Whether the objects be items found at a flee market or some object found from nature such as driftwood or a garden vegetable used to decorate a mantel. My unique style of decorating through my collections inspires my friends to do some of their own decorating styles. I am from a family of crafters, collectors, and fishermen. I have a unique way of putting a collection of unusual items together and changing it into something else that is both useful and marvelous. It was my childhood dream to live on the water. When my dream became a reality, the shoreline gave up numerous items to discover and collect. Sometimes an unusual stone or a unique object would catch my eye along the trail, or at the bottom of a box at a flee market. My favorite items to work with besides items from nature are mirrors,driftwood, concrete and chandeliers. These items are the focal point of my design process.It is my hope that I am able to allow the viewer to reflect on my unique design Ides and inspire others to create their own unique style. By sharing the love of nature, my love of objects from the past and the joy of discovering something hidden, I hope that my idea book will create something that will bring the joy of discovery, evoke a certain distant past or future memory, or reclaim a spirit with in you as it has inspired me.
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