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Hiring a Home Inspector? Ask These 10 Questions

How to make sure the pro who performs your home inspection is properly qualified and insured, so you can protect your big investment Full Story
     Comment   July 21, 2014
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Dominic Esser
My wife and I bought our first home about 2 years ago and had a Home Inspector recommended from my boss at the time. He seemed pretty legitimate and for our 2,000 sq. ft. home did spend roughly 4 hours doing the inspection and even wrote a detailed report with pictures. He did mention quite a few things, a couple of which we investigated further like boring beetles and a structural issue (which I pointed out to him) I was able to follow him around like a lost puppy which was great, unfortunately I was not able to follow him under the crawlspace. About 2 weeks after we moved in we found out that not only was the drain pipe to the washer not even close to code, the pipe draining from our kitchen sink was draining straight into our crawlspace. When our washer drain flooded, we found out that part of our house wasn't even on a foundation, but just on a gravel base. Roughly 1 week later when our water main broke we figured out we had 3 gas leaks under our house which the inspector also missed. Turned out that the inspectors warranty was only good until 7 days after the inspection!
All in all, we were pretty naive as first time homeowners, but have definitely learned some valuable lessons to take with us into our next home buying experience.
July 21, 2014 at 8:15am     
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ChickieD, you can place a bid with the contingency that your bid only stands if the home passes inspection; that way, your bid is no longer binding if something is wrong that the seller is not willing to negotiate on. It's nuts to pay for an inspection on every home you're considering bidding on.
last Wednesday at 11:34am     
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I am one of those people that find too many things wrong (the realtors cringe when they see me coming) - the clients get "buy it " fever and stop taking you along. Then they call you up to tell them what is wrong so you can fix it after they buy it. Doing things right is not easy or fast. Try to not buy a pre-owned home less then ten years old - that is when the real troubles begin to be come "obvious".
last Wednesday at 12:24pm   
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