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9 Exit Strategies for Your Clutter

How to efficiently — and regularly — rid your home of the things you don’t want Full Story
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When donating items you no longer need, two other suggestions: 1) your local humane society for linens, blankets and towels, and 2) domestic violence shelter for household items to assist women you are needing to start over.
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My favorite exit strategy is to choose charities that pick up donations. If you're busy and overwhelmed, and don't have a truck to drive large donations around town, look online at your local Salvation Army, Habitat ReStore, or in my town, SPCA Rummage Store, and see what and when they pick up and call to arrange it. That takes a large chunk of the physical exertion factor out of donating.
I'm getting older, and I am starting to feel so much more worn out by having to clear out stuff from my house. It used to be fun and energizing to go around the house and see how much money I could make from consigning my clothes or having a yard sale. Now, the thought of having to steam and iron all those clothes and drive them around town, or haul all that stuff out to the curb and try to sell it to the public at the crack of dawn on a Saturday is just exhausting. I now treat shopping like an alcoholic treats drinking; before I do it, see it out to the end (i.e., visualize the consequences). "Do I love it enough to endure they physical labor of getting rid of it in the future?" is like "How to deal with the aftermath of drinking?" LOL.
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stevedenver- I filled a dumpster last year trying to clear out our basement so he could have room for a man-cave. His only bone of contention was a $5 super soaker toy that he has not touched in 8 years. I think he used it once and it leaked. I told him that when and if he ever feels the need to spray someone I'll go buy him the latest model. That hasn't happened yet! I just purge old household junk without him, nothing that he would value. That stuff gets asked about and usually kept, we each have a certain amount of 'vetos' depending on the size of the project.
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