dited Home provides professional interior design expertise, organization skills and home services - such as maintence and moving - for well appointed homes. Brainstorming and problem solving are specialties of our design team.

A sophisticated taste level combined with great customer service, we bring together the tools needed to complete your projects and get you on with your life.

Avoid the daunting task of sorting through the claustrophobia of clutter, bypass the overwhelming burden of selecting items of quality, and finally escape the trauma of styling home accents. Choose one or all, but call today and schedule a consultation with our professional design team for solutions! Let us plan and orchestrate your “Extreme Makeover”.

Let us deal with the challenge to make your space perfect and organize your belongings into an efficient and pleasing lifestyle. Our team installs artwork, moves the furniture, and just makes your life a lot easier! For your new home, your existing "mess" or your next party call us to pull it all together! Walk into a well organized home ready for living!
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