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Cut it down, have the stump ground, have the nursery plant new tree so you don't have to fight with roots personally, you may even be able to get a more mature tree so you don't have to wait as long for it to fill in if you have them do the planting.

Trees that come back from the roots of a tree that was cut down are never very healthy and often cause problems due to various weaknesses (like multiple trunks) that are inherent to the way they grow back in.

You need to measure for the height (any overhead wires?) and size of the canopy (since you don't want it to actually reach over your roof and drop leaves into your gutters or branches onto the roof). The roots will extend about the same size as the above ground canopy of a mature tree.

Unless you like bird droppings on your patio, you need to move or remove the mulberry before it gets much bigger. Those trees grow fast and put out fruit in the spring that will bring flocks of birds that poop as fast as they eat the fruit. Having it near a seating or eating area is a bad idea.

Part of what may be killing the trees in that location is the paving of the patio. The water won't soak in through the concrete and it may run off so fast from the concrete that it doesn't soak into the dirt and they aren't getting what they need. Get a soil sample tested by your local extension service to see if there are any nutrients you may need to add before planting a new tree.

Choose a tree that fits your needs. Do you want shade? Flowers? Does it matter if it has fruit or nuts? If it drops fruit or nuts will that be a problem to clean up or interfere with mowing?
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