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3 Steps to Creating Quick, Easy and Colorful Succulent Containers

Take a bright container, add a colorful succulent or two and have a professional, summery design in minutes Full Story
     Comment   July 2, 2014
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... love the brake rotor planter and the stone/statue addition.
last Saturday at 9:21am   
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Next step Dana: Set up a rainwater harvesting system for edible garden, plants, cooking and so forth. Make your structure shield you from the cold. Take it to the point where you reduce power bills. www.clementedesignisgreen.com Trees? save them. They sequester emissions. oxygenate the air. Feel the difference?
on Tuesday at 5:26pm   
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libradesigneye, I like your philosophy about about embracing a house's (or spouse's) "quirks." I do think I might not mind those corbels and posts nearly as much if they weren't such an awful color!

It's interesting you picked up on the shape of the front door windows, because that's something else I really don't much care for. It's a good, expensive door, though, so we plan to keep it (brass trim and all). Speaking of which, do you think it would work to replace the lockset with something in a brushed nickel finish? That's what we've put all through the interior of the house.

Our painter wants to use Kelly Moore paints and I found their color called Blended Fruit seems close to the Hawthorne yellow. And they have a color called Wild Blue Yonder that I like for the door. On the other hand, I do like the Equestrian Gray quite a bit and it might be fun to have something more modern-looking. There is no HOA to deal with, but almost all the houses in the neighborhood are pastel colored. In fact, our bright green trim (what the heck were they thinking, I wonder?) is about the deepest color around. Anyway, I'm not afraid to be a little "out there." If we went bold, where would we use the off-white trim color?

Here's a couple of photos that show the tiles out front. I'm considering them permanent at this point. I took one to show what they look like in the bright sun, the other in the recessed entryway.

The "default" color inside is a gray called sand dollar, which is slightly warm for gray. We'll be painting a couple of accent walls inside as part of the remodel. I'm leaning toward something like bm roosevelt taupe for a wall in the dining room, and maybe bm mill springs blue or jamestown blue for one or two walls in the family room/kitchen. All the woodwork inside is a soft white and we'll be getting white plantation shutters for all the front-facing windows.

Besides the door color I mentioned, I like the plum brown idea as well for the yellow house. But if we go bold, I'd love some door color suggestions. Not yellow, please.
June 23, 2014 at 12:03pm   
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Thanks for the encouragement, janeannrob. We've thought about wrapping the posts in brick, which is somewhat common in the neighborhood. But if we can find a paint solution, that would be nice. Any details you have on the idea of faking the carriage doors for the garage? I know that window shape is pretty dated. But on the other hand it could be our nod to the authenticity of the house. The woman we bought it from last fall was the original owner, lived in it since 1965.
June 23, 2014 at 12:08pm   
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David Wilson
Grey with white trim and a black door. That's what we did.
June 23, 2014 at 2:10pm        Thanked by ekhinds
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#1 Kelley Moore can match any color from any other brand, so whatever you like, they can mix up.
#2 Faux garage door (just google it!): www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJm7YU26sFo
#3 White trim definitely goes with ANY color. Just be sure to choose a complimentary white. Warm white for warm (yellow undertone) body color. Cool white (blue undertone) for cool body color. Easy!
#4 Is the garage door made of wood? That may be an 'original'. You can definitely get the windows changed out, if you like.
#5 Did you know brass is the "new" new thing? It's baaaaack.... ;)
#6 Perhaps consider using the same trim color as your door (the accent) as the post color. If the door is remaining in the wood finish, consider painting the wall around the door or the entire outside entry, the accent color. Like I said previously, a third color is BEST. Odd numbers. They really do create a complete quality look.
#7 Side entry door to the garage should be painted the same as the body color.
That's it!!! Take what you like, tweak it, make it yours and leave the rest!
June 23, 2014 at 7:36pm        Thanked by ekhinds
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Our previous 2,098 sq ft home was a two story and we loved it. But, it really took a toll on me running up and down the stairs and cleaning the house took me so much longer. We now own a 1,700 sq ft one story home and we love it. Plus, it is quicker to clean and is such much more friendlier on my knees and back. Yes, this is our forever home and I wouldn't trade for anything. :))
last Saturday at 12:10pm     
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Feeling more secure from home intruders because one is in a second storey bedroom is a false sense of security. Thieves know that most people keep their cash & jewelry in their bedrooms. The premise of feeling "more secure" in a 2 storey is based on the hope that an invader will never venture up the stairs. Why wouldn't they, if they believed that's where the most lucrative 'take' is?

In a one storey, if one hears someone breaking in, they can open a window, jump out, andT run to a neighbor's. In a 2 storey, one is trapped unless they already have a fire ladder attached to the window ready to go. And climbing down that ladder will take extra time opposed to just jumping out a few feet.

The advantage of a more than one storey home is that it maximizes the space in a lot, and it can be cheaper to build. In terms of "escaping" a home it is disadvantageous compared to a one storey.

I live in a 2 storey. I get some of the reasons some folks have a preference for such. But for security??
Uh uh. No way.

And if I felt I needed burglar bars on my windows... I'd have to seriously consider why I was living in that neighborhood to begin with.
19 hours ago     
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