This is a tough one, because my tastes are so eclectic. But overall I'd say a hint of steampunks, a bit of Pottery Barn, and a touch of rustic farmhouse.
My next project: We are currently in the midst of a kitchen re-do. I'm learning a lot (mostly about scheduling, staying on track with our budget constraints, and finding reliable contractors). It's taking longer than I'd expected, but that's part of the learning process!
About me: Friends and family will tell you I'm the "theme queen." I enjoy putting together dinner parties and social events that carry a particular theme - like the time I created an "Alice in Wonderland" party with a glow-in-the-dark croquet set in our backyard and costume pieces for everyone to wear. Or the "Dead Musicians" party I planned for Halloween where guests came dressed as their favorite deceased musician. Everyone had to guess who each person was, which was followed by a song played on the sound system by that musician. (Each guest brought a CD with them to the party.) Currently, I'm writing from my little 1950's beach cottage in beautiful Northern California.
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