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Just a Few Things for the Dream-Home Wish List

A sunken hot tub, dedicated game room, tree house, hidden wine cellar and more. Which of these home luxuries would you like best? Full Story
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Some folks have dissed the stackables, but they are quite handy and functional in a tight space. We're planning to update our laundry area with a bit more storage and retractable ironing board and workspace.

We'd love a library but don't really have the extra room, so I'm working on a "Murphy Door" for the closet in the den, which will hold a ton of books, and I have already made several freestanding book shelves custom sized for our books.

Organized garages. We're making progress. A strip of slat wall surrounding the downstairs garage, and various types of organizing stuff upstairs.

Items that we're lucky enough to already have : great front porch, virtually maintenance free rear deck and patio, dedicated home office / den, excellent neighborhood.
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Dream home wish list? Library tall enough to REQUIRE a library ladder (the one Belle sails along in Beauty and the Beast would be a good start). Room large enough to accommodate a grand piano (could be the same as the library, or not). A full pipe organ would be nice, but I'm trying to exercise restraint here. Where was I? Oh, yes, I definitely want a turret. So I'll need a Queen Anne. Ideally at least one circular or octagonal room - the turret could serve that function, too. A working butlery with original cabinetry. And a ballroom. Yes, I would use it. For balls, obviously - why would you ask such a question? And a double-slipper tub - an antique, of course. Also, a living/public room tall enough for a 14-foot Christmas tree - ideally, in a position where it could be seen lit from the street as neighbors walk by. And at least one fireplace tall enough for me to stand up in. Bonus if it's in the kitchen and it was the original cooking method. I don't need a walk-in closet, though, and the bi-fold doors wouldn't go all that well with the turret, so I'll pass.

What I'm actually going for next in the home I actually have (which has none of these features)? The outdoor screen. My screen will be a white shower curtain I didn't like for the shower, and I'm combing auctions and second-hand sales for a used projector. My next big building project is resurfacing the asphalt area in front of the carriage house with concrete pavers to provide an attractive space to pull up chairs for the movie-watching. I enjoy my grand-house dreams, but I also love the house I have, and the improvements I can reasonably afford. Fun all around!
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Oh dear. Do NOT store paper in an outdoor shed! Roach food. And if it isn't insulated, everything porous will mildew.

I'm not interested in anything on this list -- most I've had and wouldn't want again. I would, however, love a large walk-in shower that is designed where it wouldn't need a curtain or door. I hate cleaning shower doors with a passion, and curtains aren't much better!

Be careful if you desire too much space -- you end up hoarding things you no longer use and it just causes headaches down the road.
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