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About me: Our small (646 sq ft), old (1940's) quirky, inland, weekend/vacation home beautifully situated next to a creek, (grandfathered in) was flooded by Hurricane Irene, altering the creek's path, and rerouting it around our house. It jumped the original creekbed from behind our house, gouging out a new creek bed along the way, taking out much of our back yard, running along side of our house, swiping at our foundation, ran across our front yard and rejoined the original creek bed from our front yard. It took out our driveway, (leaving a 4' drop from the road to our property), our front yard, half of our back yard, and destroying everything on the 1st floor of our home.

We spent almost a year working with FEMA, our insurance co, DOE, town and local authorities, landscape professionals, etc, on replacing our driveway, as they worked on rebuilding the creek bed and walls.

When we could once again get to our home, we planned on doing the hoped for renovations we had always talked about. After meetings and talking with the town about newly changed flood plain codes, with builders about raising our cottage, as well as specialists who could do that, we learned the house could not withstand that process, and we reluctantly agreed to demolish and rebuild. (In hindsight, I think it was for the best, because of mold issues involved.)

After a year of sitting empty, on the eve of Superstorm Sandy, (which ironically did no damage), we had almost finished packing up what had not been destroyed by Irene or eaten by mice, when things were put on hold because of Sandy. After Sandy, the house was demolished, and we have since moved on to rebuilding, and we are in the middle of the thousands of decisions that building a new home requires.

Although I would not wish this on anyone, and we have mourned the loss of our old place and things, I feel we have been fortunate, in that we have been able to rebuild,( even though FEMA and insurance did not begin to cover everything) This is also not our primary residence, and so we have not had to deal with finding a new home while all this has gone on.

Somewhere during this process I discovered Houzz, which has been a source of inspiration, and a way of organizing ideas. Now, as we get down into the nitty gritty, (and into the reality of our small budget!), it is a tool for researching and refining our choices.

I have much appreciation for Houzz, for the people who choose to share on this site,for the opportunity to dream big, to learn from others, and to have a great source of ideas and options in order to rebuild our new dream of a weekend home.
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