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Richard Ambrosi
Gas stove all the way!!! Try making a nice creamy risotto on an electric stove with the crappy control they have- oh yeah, you can't! lol
Second choice would be induction, great control over the temp, easy to use and most are much safer than gas or electric.
As far as a oven, all about the convection. Once you go convection, you never go back! lol
9 hours ago     
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MicKat Ken
I have had the glass top electric and the open gas flame cooktop. The glass top wins hands down for keeping clean and offering extra counter top space. It cooked well, just the slow to heat and cool. Gas is a "romantic" cooking experience, with instant response time, but much, much more work to clean. A friend has induction and she loves it. She had to buy new pans, it has instant heat response and the quickest boil I've ever seen, and the super easy to clean glass top. The burners are cool to the touch since it only reacts to the pan. Gas Convection oven, all the way!
9 hours ago   
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